Fantasy make-up as a way of self-expression

fantasy make-up - a great way to express themselves.It is creative, elegant, artistic and talented.This is the best way to decorate an exhibition of body art, beauty contest, various events and banquets.This method will help you to make unique and magical images, you'll fill a portfolio or a family album.Fantasy make-up passes incredible festive mood, the combination of colors and the play of shadows allow you to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the created images.This technique engaged artists make-up artists, they can implement on your face any picture that you want.Your face can get kind of proud panther or a good-looking kitten.

Create a similar make-up at home is difficult, because these people are doing that every day to hone his skills, but if you have an overwhelming desire and infinite imagination, then go for it!To begin to learn the techniques and methods of applying paint combinations.Try creating a few images on a sheet of paper, then you can experiment to their relatives or friends.Fantas

y make-up is created not only by the color, it can be all sorts of rhinestones, feathers, false eyelashes, decorative stones and so on.

your makeup can be expressed in light colors, it can be just a few accents.If you do not know how to emphasize your eyes, to make them expressive and highlight your fancy makeup, photos samples will help you.By this method include eyelash century the entire length or only to parts of the eye.Please note that the application of the shadows should not contribute to the visual correction of your eyes, and just to allocate them in accordance with the conceived way and pick up style clothes.

If you are going to a party and do not know how to make yourself unique and stand out, then resort to the wizard that will cause you a small picture on the open part of the body.This may be a little butterfly, graceful cat or a tiny flower.Selecting the picture depends on the nature of the event and the time of the meeting.It plays an important role lighting, in which fantasy make-up will look more advantageous.This is an important moment.

Another trend in fashion - art makeup.This is a whole work of art!With a variety of rhinestones, crystals, beads and paint wizard creates a unique image, which requires painstaking work and skill.Along with the work of the stylists, the look becomes conceived the idea of ​​perfection.Art conveys a fabulous make-up, theater, unusual appearance.This art form is used for the filming of the wedding photo sessions, pregnant women, fantastic images for magazines and posters, etc.

is now often applied art-permanent make-up, which allows you to change the cut and shape of the eyes, lips, cheeks and eyebrows.This procedure allows to achieve a long and lasting effect, but it is recommended to carry out no more than once a month, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the face.