The form of the eyes and make-up

Each person has an individual shape of the eye.The mirrors of the soul are large or small, near or deep-set, narrow or wide.Naturally, the shape of the eye can be easily adjusted with the help of makeup.In this article you'll learn how to do it.

In order to apply makeup in the form of eyes, we need a little time.It is only necessary to determine which eye you.

If you have small eyes, they are substantially less than in the same proportions in alignment with other features.

If bulging, they essentially dominate the other facial features.

If your eyes are close set, the distance from one to another is less than the size of the eyes, deep-set and if, when they are open, they will not be visible crease line.

form eye makeup

1. Close-set eyes.To zoom out and make them more prominent, it is necessary to allocate the outer corner of the eye and the inner - lighten up.The inner corner of the eye, scroll light shadows, and the external - dark.Move the pencil upper eyelid.You can touch up a pencil from

the outside of the lower eyelid of his third.Bring volume mascara on the lashes.

2. deep-set eyes.This make-up is necessary to allocate the upper eyelid.To do this, apply fully to all the eyelid shade of light and shadows mid-tones, and the contour of the eye up above the crease.Dark shadows can be applied to the inner corner of the eye.Before you apply mascara, select the lower eyelid with a pencil on the border of hair growth.

3. Eyes with overhanging eyelids.Let's start with the makeup pencil Bring pencil upper eyelid is very thin and rastushuem.At the level of the pupil erase the line altogether.Dark shadows appear on the outer corner of the area and the impending century, and light - on the inside.Mascara should be applied only to the upper lashes.

4. Widely spaced eyes.To visually reduce the distance between them, use a dark shadow in the inner corners of the eyelids.At the outer corner of the eye apply shade midtones, and on top of the century - the dark.Light shade apply only to the center of the upper eyelid under the eyebrow.You can bring the liner upper and lower eyelid.It remains to apply mascara.

Do not forget that the shape of the eye is inextricably linked to the shape of the eyebrows, so timely corrective eyebrows.Draw a straight line from the corner of the eye to the eyebrow.This will be the start point of the eyebrow.

5. Protruding eyes.In this case, apply the dark shade on the mobile eyelid and on the inner corners of the eyes.In the middle of the century rolling apply light shade.If you use a liner, the line that you spend it should blend in with the lashes.Apply mascara.

6. Small eyes.To increase their need to pay attention to the central portion of the eye.The upper eyelid move the thick line.Lower eyelid move a thin bronze or beige pencil, select light shadows.When applying mascara, add more volume in the middle.

I think now that you know what makeup is right for you, and can be simply irresistible.Stay always beautiful!And let your eye shape you like!