Tips on how to grow fat teenagers

While as adults often tormented by the question of how to lose weight, many teens suffer quite opposite problem.When the young body begins to grow rapidly, not all of it is proportional and gradual.But in adolescence, each already feels like an adult, but very vulnerable person.And, of course, every man and woman want to please the opposite sex, attracts attention with its beauty.How do you like getting fat teens, when, due to overly rapid growth of many boys and girls become owners lean disproportionate figures?They tend to act unless the elbows knees Yes, because adipose tissue has no time for bone growth.

To understand how quickly grow fat teen, you need to be aware of what we want to achieve.If a set of weights, and we do not care how it will be postponed in the figure, then all the elementary - lean on cakes, pizza, soda, and you are provided a couple of kilograms per week.But remember that this method of getting fat as a teenager for a week, though effective, but brings with it side effects such

as oily skin, acne and blackheads from malnutrition, and in the future may be quite terrible affect the figure.Instead of the expected neat and appetizing forms get a big belly, fat ass and stretch marks on the skin that teenagers do not always have time to adapt to the changes in the body.It is better to try to gain weight sensibly.

As adolescents grow fat without prejudice to the future shape?In the most general terms to get rid of protruding knees, get beautiful buttocks, hips and chest to help the sport.Of course, the approach to the boys and girls will be different.If the first is better to turn to the "hardware" and engage in the gym, the girls had better pay attention to dance and weight training.Now very popular fitness program called "pampas" or swapping the right muscle groups.In any case it is best to seek help from coaches who will help you choose an individual set of exercises, depending on the growth, fitness and the desired relief.

But only one sport can not do.The next step in addressing the issue of how to get fat teenagers, will supply selection.After all, sport is not only to build muscle, it also burns calories efficiently.Therefore, the diet should be more nutritious than ever before.Stop, stop, it does not mean you have to eat more salads and fewer cakes!The basis of sports nutrition - the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.For effective weight gain need to base the daily diet is the first and last.Sometimes it is even a special food supplement daily protein shakes to muscle grow faster.So eat more meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables and cereals - sources of carbohydrates.

In combination right food and sports will help to achieve the desired result.Just to name this way is better than "program on how young people getting fat," and "how to make your body attractive as a teenager."Try to stick to sports lifestyle, and eventually figure itself will look like the pictures in fitness magazines, and is significantly better than the fat folds, which are now so lacking.