Slanting eyes, especially makeup

eyes, the outer corner of which rises slightly above the inner deemed slanted.This type of structure of the eye is most common in Asians, but this is not an indicator of national or racial grounds.Hostess of the eyes, it is easy to charm the opposite sex, they look playful and attractive.Fashion for slanting eyes that comes, then disappears, but always need to know how to perform in such a case, make-up.

for everyday

Makeup for slanting eyes and a weekday to be perfect as a holiday.You should always start with the upper eyelid, which is applied to the pearlescent shade of bright colors.Then, a thin line of black pencil liner.The line begins with the inner corner and the outer ends of its edge.She displayed towards the temple and then shaded fingertips.The final touch - a thin line along the edge of the lower eyelid.

matt brown shadows highlight eyebrows arch.On the lashes with mascara applied twirled effect, this makes them more magnificent, and themselves slanting eyes become so unfathomable t

hat they could drown.In order to diversify the day make-up on the edge of the lower eyelid eyeliner pencil make a golden or white.

Evening option

Evening kind of makeup is always different from the day of its extravagant brightness and even daring.Slanting eyes like no others look great with makeup "cat's eyes".The main role in this kind of a make-up plays eyeliner upper and lower eyelids golden-brown pencil.If you replace the brown to black, it will just make extreme.

Brown pencil perfectly with the green eyes, black or hazel color.Blue and gray eyes is necessary to sum up the pencil silver-gray hue.The line of eyeliner should ideally be as thin as possible.It begins with the inner corner of the eye and ends at the edge of the eyebrow.On the inner corner of the century, a clear line of eyeliner, and external - shade, complemented by the close shades of color hue.

If podvodochny brown pencil, use the shade of golden brown, with gray pencil - color silver.

If desired, you can tweak the slanting eyes: the line of eyeliner to finish below the contour of the lower eyelid, and then gently shaded her fingers.

Makeup for Asian type eye on every day

This makeup begins with the application of powder on the eyelids - lower and upper.Then proceed to their eyeliner pencil - Apply a thin line along the edge of the upper eyelid along the natural contour.The final touch - covering ink lashes.Swelling of the lower eyelid can be hidden by applying a lighter shade of powder.

If necessary, slightly rounded slanting eyes, you must apply darker shade closer to the bridge, and from the center to the temples of the century - a light or transparent.

lower eyelid in everyday makeup eyeliner left without just cause a pencil point in the outer corner of the eyes and shaded them.On the upper eyelid released his inner area and the outer well shaded.Upper eyelid covers all shades of the same color is undesirable - drawing attention to the make-up for eyes (photo just above), you can see that in this case the cut eyes of visually looks narrower.