Biography Anastasia Shevchenko - a popular girl social network "VKontakte"

Today, many women gain wide popularity in social networks.What is the secret?Biography Anastasia Shevchenko may slightly open the secret.

And what is this girl?

Her full name - Anastasia Shevchenko.She was born in Saratov, March 17, 1996.Its height is 169 centimeters.Eyes gray-blue.Studies in the Humanities and Nastya economic Lyceum.


girl pretty seriously interested in photography and video, has been DJ-productions.Anastasia boring and monotonous lifestyle prefers fun, hobbies and loves spending time with her boyfriend Efim.A lot of photographs and puts his work in social networks.If you ask information on "Biography Anastasia Shevchenko", it becomes clear that she loves shopping, walking, teddy bears and chocolates, and dreams of becoming a loving wife, a mother, a good specialist.

How to become popular

Biography Anastasia Shevchenko not very saturated, because she is very young.But despite such a young age, she is very popular.Fans of the star is said that the present lov

e because of her beauty and style.She really pretty.In its official group of "VKontakte" tens of thousands of fans and admirers.It is said that she enjoyed the program to cheat subscribers.But despite this, she wants to be like many girls.

What is the secret of beauty

Today, for anybody not a secret that Anastasia wears blue lenses meliruetsya ashy shade, increases hair.In addition, the girl's parents are not poor people, and can provide my daughter visiting expensive beauty salon and solarium.Nastia just a very well-groomed and fit.Today, anyone can look as good, if not lazy.But nature has played a role - Nastya really beautiful: her natural plump lips, large eyes, nose neat and beautiful facial features.

patient fanaticism

Biography Anastasia Shevchenko is no different, it is not any specialist and does not have a unique talent (or not yet shown it).But many school girls dream to be like her, and it is wrong!Each must be unique!It's her life and her path, do not try to try on someone's life itself.People are always attracted individuality.Even if you will be like a schoolgirl Nastya around, it will not be as popular, because they will lose their uniqueness.Classmates and friends can do to turn away, because today no one likes to plagiarism.

Rumors about the move and participate in the group "Propaganda"

Google for query "Anastasia Shevchenko biography of Saratov" gives just two girls.A participant of the group "Propaganda" and the teenager - it's two different people!Anastasia teenager will not moved.Moreover, they do not even like each other - completely different.

Anastasia Shevchenko."Propaganda".Biography

almost complete namesake Nasty - lead singer of the popular group.Many sites publish articles that member of the group - a young teenage girl.But this is not true.The girls are completely different.In addition, the soloist of the group has a mole on his face, and Nastya from Saratov there is no such.Participant of "propaganda" 22 years old, she was born October 15, 1991, and 2 years singing in a group.Therefore, all the information that it is one and the same person - false!