What to do at home when no parents at home?

right to living space and moments of solitude there are all people, not just adults.But as children, big and small, are using that space and time?No need to be very observant to notice how they like to stay in the house alone.Still - any time, you can do whatever you want!Actually, what to do at home when there is no parent at home?

difficult question

Little children, by definition, should not be left unattended, even for five minutes.For this in the West, by the way, go to court.But we have the juvenile justice system still does not work in full force, so the children often remain in the apartment alone.And they immediately reflected that do at home when there is no parent at home!First you need to check all the cabinets, shelves disembowel all scattered all bulk and pour pouring all.When not at home parents, the little girl sent to explore her mother's makeup, jewelry, clothes - all have to try and try.The boys also learn martial arts: pillows need to throw them on the floor, trampled or even

gut, long shoehorn was invented to serve as a sword, which easily knocks on the floor all the vases, breaks windows and mirrors.In short, it is better not to leave children unattended - the currently expensive.

We grew

akseleratov Now is the time.The fact that the children are able to 5-6 years, twenty years ago, twenty years and did not know how.Yes, they're still tinkering with cars and dolls.But it is very long.So geeks what to do at home when no parents at home?Of course, all that can not be at the parents.But one can not always play at the computer.Although just in this case, the use of computers and children's tablet is undeniable - it is possible to take a child's attention while the elders are not around.So, computer games, cartoons - this is one activity, passive, after which the children switched to active operations: the same fight with pillows, audit cabinets and shelves.Girls imitating mothers in this age try to wash the dishes, or turn on the vacuum cleaner, the most dangerous, plate.Most often because these attempts befall accidents with children.

Teens - special item

kids have grown up and become like quite consciously.They do not have to go to kindergarten, school, homework.And the extensive range of activities that stayed without parents are no longer kids, and teens.Again, acceleration played a role.Now teenagers can be regarded as boys 11-12 years of age, if before getting to those 14-15 years in.Parents are unanimous that this is the most dangerous age.Left unattended, teens often literally break loose.How not to recall the beloved hero comedy "Home Alone," which enthusiastically did what he had been forbidden: himself ordered pizza, watched on television all sorts of rubbish, completely owned the property of their older brothers and father.Something similar happens with each child.I must say that some (not all!) Happens to attack diligence: daughter and son begin to get out of the house to please mom, some are beginning to do their homework on their own.These are the children who are in desperate need of approval of the senior.But the majority still prefers to use free time in a big way: they sit at the computer (the most common occupation), watching TV, sleeping, talking for hours on the phone.Many people like to invite friends and girlfriends, loud music and dancing.And others in this period for the first time try cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.In the absence of parents in adolescents it is often the case first sexual experience.

What parents

What then can be tips?Children - permanent process.All work, personal life, other things - and the child have to be distracted.Yes, and do not need to watch them day and night.It is better for them to correctly formulate the problem on the subject of what to do at home when no parents at home.We must try to still plan your free time of children, using the methods proper motivation.In short, children need to be as busy with something positive and useful even in the absence of control.There is a simple formula: if done so-and-so, for example, learned lessons and washed dishes, then you can go to the movies.Motivate children is necessary, otherwise no daily routines and threats will not work.And even better - still try to be close to the children as much as possible and know what they breathe.There is no alternative.