A few tips on how to make a blog for girls

child grows and his secrets begin to emerge from their parents.To cope with these mothers, of course, too heavy ... But there comes a time when you need to give freedom to the child.How to do it correctly?Encourage your child to keep a diary.About


Most blogs are all girls, much less - boys.Diary of a teenage girl - a kind of world where you can get away and hide from everyone, where you can be sincere and itself.After all, teenagers are so many problems!With a blog, a girl will lead his true friend, with whom she would not be secrets.Besides, a little grown up, it is always interesting to read about what happened and what they wanted in such a difficult adolescence.


So, how to make a blog for girls?Start at the beginning, t. E. Buy a notebook or notepad.It is important to choose a notebook is the one that liked the girl.You should not feel sorry for money if you want to buy a stylish and expensive notebook.It is always pleasant to pick up a beautiful book, especially if it is a bl

og, which will confide their innermost thoughts.But if there is no money at all, you can try to decorate the conventional notebook, making it original and not similar to other blogs.


How to blog for girls, or rather how it is possible to decorate?Here it is useful all that is at hand: candy wrappers, labels, clippings from newspapers and magazines, which will reflect the mood or desire girl.The interior of the diary can be bright and colorful, but on the design of the cover is good think.Not too reasonable to make it as catchy as the pages themselves.Indeed, in such a situation diary risk to get someone in the eye and always will be of interest, and a burning desire to look inside.A blog to show others just do not want to encrypt it ... a book on physics or chemistry, you can be sure that parents are unlikely to be interested in such a boring notebook.At school you can simply are wrapped with white paper, saying that this is just a draft.So they are not interested classmates and friends.


Thinking about how to make a blog for the girls, it is worth remembering the encryption of the letter.Then certainly do not have to worry that their parents or curious friends will know your secrets.You can come up with their own language, but the easiest way to assign each letter of a certain character, or swap them.In case of loss diary decrypt such messages hardly anyone would, notebook and keep its purity and integrity.

storage location

So we know how to make a blog for girls.Now it is necessary to think about where he will be kept.Wear this with a friend that's not always convenient, so you need to find a place where no one can find.There may be several options.Simple and lackluster blogs can be hidden and in a prominent place among the books and notebooks.But the bright and beautiful diaries for girls certainly caught my eye.You can hide them under the pillow or mattress, but the best paper to make pocket-sized diary, and then attach it with tape, for example, to the bottom of the drawer.There it is unlikely that anyone would be looking for.The same principle can hide the diary under the bed, in the closet or behind the rear wall of the desktop.