The teenager does not want to learn.

Quite often families break out conflicts of interests of parents and children, especially when the latter crossed the age threshold of 12 years.As a rule, the subject of study becomes a stumbling block in understanding between a teenager and his father and mother.And they begin to frantically search for the answer to the question: "Our son (or daughter) teenager does not want to learn.What to do and how to be? »

Their reaction to the behavior of children of course they are in a state of their own powerlessness and absolutely useless in matters of pedagogy.So, if the teenager does not want to learn what to do in this case, they do not know and, therefore, the child did not meet expectations.This is further proof that serious mistakes were made in education.

expectations parents can understand, because they gave so much effort and energy to ensure that their child is held in life.They want him at least an elementary return to his room was always clean and comfortable, that he assisted in the housek

eeping, that he finally rejoice in their good grades in school.Often, however, there is the opposite effect, and the parents just panic, unable to find an answer to the question: "A teenager does not want to learn - what to do?»

course, the first thing that comes to mind is to use a well-known principle of "nowant - to make ".It is very important to be careful not to overdo it with this method.Using the above pedagogical device, you need to use carrots and sticks.For success - to encourage, and for the flaws - to punish.After a while, becoming more adult, a child on their own to decide what profession to choose it, and it is possible that you will be thankful for the fact that not indulged his whims and caprices.

considering the question: "A teenager does not want to learn - what to do?" - It is important to determine the root cause of why he does not want to sit at a school desk.Maybe he just does not see any sense, because the media often exaggerate the question of how hard it is now to find a job in their specialty, and how low wages get holders of university degrees.Well, the truth in this point of view there.However, this does not mean that getting a higher education is not necessary.

should explain to the adolescent that the college or university will help him expand his own horizons and learn for yourself something new - it is always useful.

If the teenager does not want to learn, it is possible that he is not interested.Often one can observe a picture when a child prodigy bored sitting at a desk, listening to this or that subject in secondary school.He knows the material, so they are not interested, the teacher can not apply an individual approach to each, paying attention to all students.

In such a situation we can recommend to create a gifted child optimum basis for its further development: to send him to a specialized educational institution, upload his participation in various contests and competitions.

question about why teenagers do not want to learn, can have a radical solution.Experts do not recommend excessive pressure on the child, issued an ultimatum demanding from him to seek knowledge and to transfer it from one school to another.First of all he is a person, not an expression of your ambitions.

Ultimately, school plays in the life of man is strictly a role.In choosing their future profession child must be guided by what he most likes to do.