How to sharpen knives bar: manual

After a long use in the kitchen of any knife needs sharpening.Many to do this quickly resorted to the use of special grinding wheel, which is driven by an electric motor.In his absence, the most desperate attempt to sharpen the blades with a file, and even sandpaper.But how to sharpen knives, bar, few know.

The process is simple, but quite laborious, requires perseverance and a little skill that comes with experience.Before how to sharpen a knife bar, you must choose wisely bars.Total sharpening need two bars, one coarse, and second fine.In the process it is necessary to keep a wet knife.It is best lubricated with mineral oil, but in the absence thereof at hand, and can be plain water.

Also, before you sharpen the knife stone, look for a piece of leather.In this case, you can use the old belt.More precisely, it will take only its rear side, which is not processed and resembles suede.

Choice sharpening angle

Before you get to work, you need to determine the angle at which we will sharpen the knif

e.The range is quite broad and ranges from 15 to 45 degrees.The choice is made depending on the quality of steel, which made the knife, and on what purpose it will be used in the future.

is also necessary to take into account the following feature.The smaller the angle at which you sharpen the knife, the faster it becomes blunt.This can be explained by the fact that the edge of a sharp knife quickly rounded or, worse still, crumbles.

How to continuously withstand the same angle?

Let us now examine how to sharpen a knife block.To begin, place the bar on the table and fix still.Then, place the blade in relation to the bar at the desired angle to you.Pass by the blade bar in only one direction, for example of himself, trying to maintain the required angle.Immediately it should be noted that it is difficult.Therefore it is better not to rush and do everything smoothly.

Inexperienced can give such advice.Make a piece of wood from the blade angle which would correspond to the required angle of sharpening.Place the blade on a wooden wedge, and with it move the knife at the bar.


Please take a bar with a large grain.Before the operation, moisten it with water or oil, as mentioned above.Sharpen the blade until the so-called burr along the entire length.In order to determine its presence, just swipe the nail on the reverse side, which has not been enchanted from the butt to the edge.Also perform grinding from the reverse side, after which the burrs must be bent in the opposite direction.Same again with fine-grained bar.Thereafter, the burr will be a little smaller.

the third time repeat manipulation with the bar, which has a fine grain.As a result, the burr even decrease.To finally get rid of him, use the skin on the back side.

Thus, reading this article, you already know how to sharpen a knife block.However, there are plenty of ways to make a sharper knife.It could be a special sharpeners that are sold in every underpass.But better to sharpen knives, one understands only with experience, having tried the whole arsenal of tools.