Knife "Rat" - the choice of millions

State of New York, the city of Naples, the year of 1889. It was there at the time and came into being well-known in the world today the company producing knives.His name - «Ontario Knife Company» - she got thanks to the geographical position.It is derived from the name of the province of Ontario, which is located southeast of Rochester.Initially, the main clients were residents of villages located nearby.For the production of the founders of the firm knife used special equipment, runs on the energy of water.Therefore, when it was decided to expand capacity, the choice fell on Franqueville, Aisne, as close to the lake give it the necessary resources.The company is headquartered there today, and has offices located in many countries around the world.One of the most popular models from the «Ontario Knife Company» was the knife "Rat."

little background

authors of this legendary brainchild of the company began to Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin - upscale experts in their field of RAT.Knife "Rat" is recogn

ized as a model that perfectly combines the quality of the materials, working properties and reasonable price.Despite the fact that it is presented as a daily option actually recognize the versatility of this design and amateurs, and professionals.

Any man, even if he is not a hunter, fisherman or military, is experiencing a qualitative weapons, including the cold, some traction - it's probably laid at the level of genetics.And the majority of boys can not resist the acquisition of such "toys".What kind of popularity gained knife "rat", you can imagine, having studied the relevant ratings.In 2011, he was firmly entrenched in the top ten most bought folding models.

Model Overview

So, let's look at it in more detail to see why folding knife "Rat" enjoys such love among lovers of knives.With a total length of 21.8 cm (at a fraction made of AUS-8 blade falls 8.3 cm) has a thickness of 3 mm.The color of your choice - the standard "metal" or black finish.The handle is made of nylon.Due to the properties of the material and small notch it does not slip even from wet hands and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.The total weight - 142 g, the type of lock - Liner Lock, thick plate carries the locking function in open and folded positions.One has only to take it, and you realize that the knife "Rat" - is not a model home designed for lying on the shelf, it is designed to be active.Yes, there is no supertyuninga, titanium, carbon fiber or other "bells and whistles".But there is a functional design, simple and reliable.The unique geometry of the blade is formed with a thin mixing and descents from the butt.Five screws that hold the handle, giving it the integrity of the monolith, backlash or manifestations fragility is not in sight.


If you need a true work "horse", the best option - the knife "Rat."Reviews have already purchased this model argue that more of a good knife at a reasonable price simply can not find any serious flaws in him.It is quite suitable for cutting branches for a fire, cooking dinner field and other tasks that are put in front of his class knives.