Viscose (fabric) - what is it?

very first artificial fiber, which got people was viscose.At the end of the nineteenth century it began to be produced from cellulose, a natural material.By changing the nature and thickness of the most "natural" fibers, man produces a variety of tissues.This fabric is very similar to a natural linen or silk, cotton or wool.

Universal viscose - a fabric

What is it?What is called the web and what it is, they know, of course, many more.Fabrics woven of viscose filaments differ from naturally more pronounced weave.They are somewhat stiffer and heavier.Material viscose wrinkled easily and has a tendency to shrink.Its main drawback is the large slices of osypaemost details.

viscose yarn is used in the knitting industry.Often it is combined with other fibers.Of artificial fibers produced and gorgeous fabric lining.Viscose in its properties than any other material suitable for this purpose.It is easy and pleasant to the touch

quality fabric

consider the properties held by the viscose (cloth).What it

is?First of all, it is hygroscopic.Nadel viscose fabric and breathability.A positive feature of it is the ability not to accumulate static electricity.

For hot days viscose (cloth) - what is it?It is a kind of salvation!It's a great canvas, giving a feeling of coolness.That is why it is used for sewing summer clothes.At this strength of products made of viscose fabric is significantly higher than the fabric of woolen yarns, but lower than that of natural silk.

In the case where for tailoring was applied viscose fabric stretches or not such a thing?The elasticity of the viscose fibers give the web elastane.They are added in the production of tissue.Cloth, consisting of some of viscose yarn can stretch after washing.This is due to their low elasticity and smoothness.

viscose fibers perfectly absorb moisture.Due to the smoothness of cloth sewn from it long items can become contaminated.However, viscose and washed very easily.However, it does not fade and does not yellow.Viscose drape beautifully.This property is manifested through his paintings ease.

care products made from viscose

but also require special care are things that used when sewing viscose (cloth).What is it, and what products it obtained sufficiently sensitive, we already understood.Now we have to find out, what kind of rules to serve your favorite things as long as possible?The material of viscose yarn is very capricious.

All things sewn from viscose fabric, require hand washing.It may be used and the machine, but this is necessary to expose a delicate washing operation.Cleaner should be sure to pick up soft.This condition must be met due to the fact that the viscose harm concentrated alkaline solution.Things thus be washed in warm water.

Wet viscose loses its strength.That is why the twist things is not recommended.They can break.Wash clothing should be only lightly pressing.