Humorous contests for high school students at the Autumn Ball

to a festive evening took place at the highest level, should consider and prepare a scenario in which necessarily fun games, contests and ironic comic competition.And what advise to hold a competition for high school students in the autumn ball wise experts?Most importantly, participants were fun to the event left in the memory of the most pleasant memories.

dance competition

Open evening program can be humorous dance competitions for high school students in the autumn ball.You can hold it in the form of the game, "the sun-rain."As props need to be large umbrellas, similar to those used on the beaches or near the refrigerators with ice cream.Conditions are such that according to the leading "rain" all need to hide under umbrellas, and the team "sun" - to run out and continue to dance.Lead also said: "One, two, three!" - And brings the game of those who do not have time to hide.Three or four guys walk freely around the room with umbrellas, guys did not try to "reserve" a spot in the dance closer to

the umbrella.

then contests for high school students (2013th was no different from the previous ones) may be complicated by the fact that the leading announce the number of people who can hide under one umbrella.All the "extra" out of the game.First, you can call the number 10, the second time - 5, and the third - 3. The remaining 9 or 12 people, and will continue to compete - they can choose the "king" and "queen".

Selecting the "king" and "queen" of the ball

interesting phased competitions for high school students at the Autumn Ball, which are larger tours.To help young people to be sure to stand out among the guests of the assistant, and the girls come to the aid of a male high school students.

contests for high school students at the Autumn Ball "Autumn outfit»

Lead offers young people who have volunteered to compete for the title of "King of the Ball" and "Queen of Autumn," the first round, which is called the competition of fashion.

They awarded props - a few rolls of toilet paper, which implies to build his assistant or assistant autumn attire.During the demonstration, the designer must declare the motto of his masterpiece, and explain how the model is associated with autumn.

If a girl decides to make his assistant bow tie and fix its youth in the neck (very funny turns, if a young man in a shirt and a T-shirt), then explain their choice "model dress" it can thus: "I'm sure someone-That will recall that in the fall the larvae of butterflies wrapped in a web or sheet, turning into pupae.Toilet paper is suitable for this purpose could not be better! »

Someone will try to make out of paper ribbons and hang them to dress their model, explaining outfit phrase:" Autumn Ball is only in the autumn, and a ballroom dress beautiful lady is unthinkable without the luxury of a bow!»

someone came up with a veil made of paper and explained that the fall has long been considered a time of weddings.And what sort of a wedding without a veil?

Autumn Miniatures

Theatrical competitions for high school students at the school - it is always the "crux" of the evening.You can offer the contestants select "ticket" - autumn leaf on it with a written assignment.Sample tasks for thumbnail-pantomime:

  1. Thrifty hedgehog collects needles mushrooms and fruits.
  2. bear preparing for hibernation - equips the den.
  3. Hamster supplies pulls into the hole in the cheek pouches.
  4. Cranes dancing before leaving his farewell waltz.
  5. Squirrel hiding in a hollow nuts and mushrooms - making for the winter supply of food.

Winners should make merry huge medal, you can give them in several categories.A King and Queen should be put on the crown of the head.