What are aliases for the girls can come up with.

modern communication provides for the creation of different accounts in toys, social networks or thematic portals.How to come up with nicknames for girls, you should pay attention not to seem too cheeky or boring?Many girls our age are chasing the number of "likes" your photos, messages on the walls in "VKontakte" and "Classmates".How to attract attention and do not look stupid, read our article.

Cool nicknames for girls

name for a person, especially for the fair sex, is very important.This is the sound to associate with the person in the vast world of digital technology.Firstly, it is not necessary to specify the actual name.Internet - a place where a variety of people talking.Where you can meet new friends and like-minded people, even a soul mate, but there are also a danger to attract bullies, swindlers, and even homicidal maniacs.That is why mention his real name is not necessary.Username or nickname to help the girl to chat comfortably without putting their lives at risk and danger of the purse

.Initially, such a nickname itself only took a variety of chat participants, but in the last 10 years, many people are moving their nicknames in social networks.Aliases for girls may be diverse, but they all have a good read and memorize the first time.

What nickname in terms of psychology?

Alias, which chooses a girl, it's a kind of business card, self-presentation in the virtual world.The main aim of creating a nickname - access to some Internet resources.It is enough to dial a random combination of letters and numbers and keep it in a notebook.But the second goal of a deep, complex: every person subconsciously wants to get universal acceptance, or at least be seen in the huge mass of people.Tens often used pseudonyms have few, most girls only one or two, sometimes three or four permanent nickname.According to statistics, about 35% of people never change their Internet name.Very often nicknames for girls in the "Contact" correspond to the real data.This is due to the policy of the portal for the passport and last name when registering.However, no one checks, and a variety of "Susie Elijah" and "Panther Afrodiziakovny" appear on the network.

Why change nickname?

Thinking about how to come up with a nickname girl, you need to ask one question: "What is the purpose of stay on this web-site?"If you want to promote your own group, selling handmade materials, cosmetics or clothing, to name one.If the main goal - to play in a variety of applications, or chat with friends, the choice will be different.So, for business projects should not use additional characters like brackets, colons, exclamation and question marks.The level of trust in the person with the alias "Nyashka! Snacks! 12: 12" will be much lower than the real, but the names outdrawn.

Names for business projects

About 35% of users have a nickname as your own data.This is not always true.Pupikova Olesya, for example, may sound a bit funny and attract people to the services of a professional dermatologist.But you can choose nicknames for girls with a sense of beat and beautiful profession.Here are some examples:

  • Rose Flordeko - a good name for a person engaged in floral design.
  • Lexi Flex - an excellent option for fitness trainer or strip-aerobics.
  • Delicious Mary - is the administrator group cooking or blog.
  • Annie Shveeva - design and tailoring fashion.

On a similar principle can come up with a nickname that would attract not only the individual, but also to promote their own business.

Choose a nickname for a girl or teenager

Immediately it should be noted that if a young woman chooses a nickname, just adding to his real name diminutive suffix, or date of birth, this option would be too obvious to give the age of the minor.Therefore Alena1998 or Katyusha2002 - it nicknames chosen by children.It would be better to come up with a name based on their interests or preferences.Here are some examples:

  • cherry mood;
  • SnEzhInKa_Iz_KaPlI_dOzhDya;
  • MisS_KaPriZzz;
  • ˙˙ · 0 • ● ☆ MalEnKaYa__busIchkA ☆ ● • 0;BOBRISHKA
  • ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥.

creating aliases for girls of school age, it is quite possible to use all punctuation, as well as a wide range of "smiles".Chief ban - simulated sexuality.You can not create options type --- I --- This, MissDostupnost, SeksiMaSha if there is no desire to get into the field of view of pedophiles, violent men or scams.No respect for the little girl with the same name will not be.

category Popular nicknames for girls

adult woman, of course, can emphasize their sexual preference or level of looseness name on the Internet.But millions of options to choose from one is quite difficult.Therefore, we consider the main categories that are used when creating aliases for girls:

  1. Conventional or "passport" name with some letters replaced for various characters.For example, Olga - "A" is changed to @.The main advantage of such nicknames - they are quite easy to remember to communicate, but it is difficult to forge, if they wanted to take advantage of the fraudster.
  2. various pet names.For example, bunny, kitten, Sunny.Such names are fit enough vulnerable and tender girl.Usually, people with such pseudonyms active and vibrant the online correspondence, but shy and melancholic in real life.
  3. Fan nicknames.This nickname favorite characters from books, films, and this could be the names of famous actors and singers.For example, Hermione, LediGaga, LiliMegan.This nickname will emphasize addiction owner and will not give the name of a real passport.

Thus, choosing a nickname, you need to be confident in your choice, for many years to avoid becoming NevkusnoyByakoy or Ledivsem.Keep in mind the protection of personal data, but is not sending that the nickname should be easy to read as it is desirable in any state.