Old and new wedding traditions and ceremonies

Wedding - an important celebration in the life of each person.Apart from the fact that a new family, one of a pair changes his life, status, goals and priorities.Everybody wants to marriage was strong and developed relations newlyweds could not be better.Therefore, our people are trying so hard to honor the wedding traditions and ceremonies to all possible means to secure a smooth family life.

Bride price

Now in our country there is no division in the family, Slavic and Western wedding traditions.Modern wedding so skillfully everything crossed that sometimes do not even make out where we come to some sort of action.For example, the bride price - a tradition of many nations, including our.It is believed that the groom for the bride to pay large sum, even then parents can easily give his daughter in marriage.Today, everything is a little different in some game, when the groom does not perform some task associated with the bride should pay compensation.


Modern Wedding traditions an

d ceremonies involve the presence of a small bunch of flowers groom - boutonnieres, which ties a groom to his betrothed.Here are today little changed this tradition, ideally the girls just wove her fiancé a wreath as a token of love and devotion.


This custom also somewhat transformed, but the flowers were always in it.Just before the bride throwing the crowd unmarried girls a wreath that adorned their heads during the wedding ceremony.It was believed that lucky, catch a wreath of the bride, soon to be married.


At all times, there are also some very interesting wedding traditions and ceremonies.Thus, for example, a breaking dishes.Today, as they say, it beats to happiness: the more small fragments, the greater the happiness of the young.But earlier this tradition was of a slightly different purpose.So check the bride's chastity.If the dishes, mostly clay, was broken, so she blemish, if it remains intact, the bride had hard times, and to prove the truth superstitious residents were oh how difficult.


today at weddings shout: "Bitter!" To young kissed.But before such a word had a different meaning.So, in the old days everyone who gave a gift, be sure to pour a glass of vodka.And the man drinking the contents of the cups, had to say: "Bitter!" To certify those present that it was drunk vodka instead of water.These are interesting Russian wedding traditions have remained with us ever since.


Wedding rituals and traditions of Russia suggest the presence of witnesses at every celebration.They should put their signatures in the registry office, and others to assure the authenticity of the wedding couple.But earlier witnesses bore a somewhat different purpose.Even in ancient times they were needed in order to deceive the evil forces and save the young couple from adversity.Somewhat later, in the Middle Ages, heavy, witnesses also saves the young, but this time from the already present threat from Likhodeev.


Modern Wedding traditions and ceremonies involve the removal of a bride's veil, and the binding of the handkerchief as a sign that the lady is already married.Previously, the practice was somewhat different.The girl shot a wreath and be sure to unravel the braid.It was done the last time, becauseit was believed that a married woman should not go bareheaded.Then the girls were doing hair bride, and she always said goodbye with their hair loose over her shoulders.