Wedding outdoors in summer

Summer - the most demanded is time to organize such a personal celebration, like a wedding.This time of year you do not want to limit yourself to a stuffy room and guests of the restaurant where there is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the kind of freedom in the open air among the closest people.An equally important factor is the lack of time constraints for each conducted by the "extra" time in nature will not need to pay extra for rent.

Nevertheless wedding in nature involves special training, which is significantly different from the classical event at the cafe.Initially, it is necessary to determine the place of celebration, which could become the garden at the cottage, wide field or park at the manor.If you meant the second day of the wedding in nature, the more relevant is the cottage with a spacious plot.A significant role is played here guests need to comfortably accommodate at least one night.

  • is important to understand that the wedding in nature depends on the "whims" of nature.To avoid
    this related contingencies, we strongly recommend the installation of a wedding tents or awnings which will protect from possible bad weather.As the floor can be used as a natural lawn, and more decks on which bought the furniture will be particularly stable.
  • as last can be used as the plastic tables and chairs, which are significantly less expensive and luxurious leather sofas, the delivery of which can really become a problem.For example, a cheap plastic furniture can be "put" in a cloak the color of the tents, tying their wide satin ribbon in a contrasting color.
  • If the script wedding in nature include performance artists are requested to take care of the stage, creating a small but lasting elevation.It is particularly important in this case to provide for the purchase or rental of lighting equipment, musical artists often provide their own.
  • Wedding on the nature allows to show imagination in the design of the place is not limited absolutely nothing, cycling garlands of fresh seasonal flowers, romantic lights twisted elements and other accessories.

Wedding photo shoot

Another indisputable advantage, which has a wedding in nature, is the possibility of a photo shoot in such a wonderful place.Guests can be for some time to provide themselves, alone with your lover and photographer, and focus entirely on shooting, to which you can attach their friends and relatives.

Organization of weddings in nature

In the event that their own knowledge, skills or time enough to self-organization of the event, you can always contact the company that will prepare the event in view of his previous experience and your wishes.Wedding in the countryside - a great alternative to the traditional method of celebrating, which gives a lot of opportunities and ideas for implementation.