Wedding bouquet of freesias emphasize the beauty of the bride

Freesia - a plant from South Africa.It has fragrant flowers with a delicate and expressive flavor and a huge palette of colors - from white to purple.This perennial plant can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in a subtropical climate.

little history

fragrant freesia flower got its name in honor of the botanist and physician cutter.In their homeland (South Africa) it grows in moist shore near water.On the stem leaves are completely absent, only its top crowned with inflorescences of 3-5 pieces.The idea to collect these flowers in bouquets born relatively recently - in the early nineteenth century.But in those days bouquet of freesias could afford not everyone - it was very expensive.

Value flower

These wonderful flowers have long been a symbol of sincerity and trust.Florists use it when someone has to say in the language of flowers, words of appreciation and gratitude.

From the history of bridal bouquet

If today's bridal bouquet - a romantic attribute, before he had a magical signifi

cance.In Russia the bride gathering bouquet of garlic and other strong-smelling plants, to scare away evil spirits.In ancient Greece, the bride's hair plaited ivy, symbolizing eternal love.In Spain, in the hands of the girls were to be branches of citrus trees.Since the eighteenth century in Europe, the bride will certainly adorned with flowers of orange tree.Today, in many countries, are carefully preserved folk traditions.For example, all English bride still come out to the guests with a small bouquet of forget-or charming pansies.Bride of high society will add to its bouquet of myrtle twig.As they say, the tradition has introduced the Queen Victoria.

bouquet of freesias on wedding

In recent years, our country has become very popular Simple and elegant bridal bouquet of freesias.It is not just a floral arrangement, a symbol of refinement, gentility and tenderness.Bouquet of freesia give it a unique charm and ease, turning it into a fairy princess.This unique color - they are able to maintain its unique flavor and freshness for ten days after cutting.

Bouquet of freesias

If a bridal bouquet of freesias will be made only of white flowers, it will be a symbol of angelic purity and innocence of the bride, during the entire celebration will attract the eyes of all those present.

combination with other colors

can create a luxurious bridal bouquet of freesias, adding to them roses, orchids and a little greenery.Austerity and gentility freesias, chic roses and orchids tenderness create an unrivaled composition.

allergy freesia

As mentioned earlier, freesia - tropical flower, which has a gentle, but strong enough odor.Bride throughout the celebrations will inhale it, so buying a bridal bouquet of freesias, you should consider the features of the organism.If once you have symptoms of allergic reactions, some of this bouquet is better to refuse.