Matchmaking groom - old customs and new traditions

for each young couple the day of their wedding will be remembered for a lifetime, it is filled with bright, joyful emotions and impressions.Preparing for it requires a lot of effort, time and, of course, financial investment.However, you can arrange another small celebration that will bring a lot of joy to the future spouses.It is about this old tradition as courtship groom.

Today, many do not pay much attention to this event.But this is a good excuse to make a real celebration, allow parents to the bride and groom to get to know and discuss important organizational issues of the upcoming grand event.Note also that the groom's suit is always honored in the old days in our country, there were various beautiful ceremonies, which some of the modern grooms also pay tribute.If you want to do something unusual, to depict a scene from ancient times matchmakers, singing and dancing, it is necessary to write or find a ready script matchmaking by the groom.But note that you need to consider some of the unspok

en rules.

If you decide to spend the suit groom all the canons and rules, as the matchmaker should choose someone from relatives.In the old matchmaker usually chose an elderly relative of the groom or his godfather.Today, when all the rules are very simplified, it can be a friend or even an acquaintance.According to the rules, the two men had come into the house of the bride only after sunset, so as not to jinx it.Their main task was to inform the family of the bride of the intention of a young man to marry her.Typically used for these purposes specially harvested phrase in allegorical form.An example of a phrase that makes the suit groom more original and gives it a touch of the old traditions can serve as follows: "Do you have the goods, we have a merchant."Under a commodity in this phrase refers to the bride, a merchant - a young man offering a hand and heart.

that such important event held at the proper level, it should be good to prepare and study the various options for scripts.In this case, a great responsibility falls on the shoulders of a man playing the role of matchmaker - it should be fun, lively and energetic, because of this depends largely on what the finished suit the groom.The script for this unusual solemn moment can be found ready.

for young couples who are indifferent to any kind of old traditions and customs, will suit a more modest and quiet matchmaking.A young person can just come to the house of his lady and ask her parents' hands.It goes without saying that to go to the home of his beloved need not empty-handed.At least take care of a couple of bouquets of beautiful flowers: the first for his future bride, the second - for her mother.After courtship groom passes, many couples today have a party in honor of the betrothal, after which the young man solemnly asks the hand of his beloved in the presence of relatives and friends.