Doing daily.

Diary - a personal organizer, an indispensable tool when used properly.Without this enhancement does not currently presents itself, no business person, whether it is a girl, a woman, a teenager or a man.However, how to conduct daily, not everyone knows.And these kinds of diaries incredibly much - they are both paper and electronic.

Classification diaries

diaries can be divided into 3 types:

- simple;

- standard (organizers);

- «emotional."

Appointment simple

This is the most simple diaries, with no additional information, other than broken down by day and lined with leaves.Ideal for older people and those who need to stick to serious planning.

Appointment standard (organizers)

This kind of "traditional media" has a set of functions, without which the "standard", he will be gone.Perfect to everyone who loves the classics, as well as people who do not carry out complex planning.

Emotional blogs

This is different from the usual format of custom organizers.The fair sex with a big imaginat

ion often do not need detailed instructions on how to conduct daily, so they are instead of the usual dating lined pages can see the colorful diary-book with illustrations and with places where records are entered.This approach: young women and girls, as well as emotional and creative types.

How to properly diary?

organizer lead to not forget what matters it is necessary to perform.He will remind you of important meetings, events, plans.You can write to him his thoughts, as our head is not able to remember everything.

What to write?

Always remember how to do daily - the corresponding day of the week you need to bring everything you need to do or remember: errands, things to do, phone numbers, birthdays, shopping lists and other stuff.This will help to structure your time and do not forget.Get a habit of view in the morning and write during the day, try to regularly refer to the diary.

Doing daily.Tips

there are some tips to help you keep a diary properly and effectively:

  1. Write exactly what you're going to do in the appointed day.
  2. When it will be done - it is necessary to delete it from the diary.
  3. If the planned deal did not have time to do, move it to another day.But you can delete if it is no longer relevant.
  4. necessary to set bounds for any business.For example, from 2 to 0. If it is not developed, put 0. If this is helping to develop in a certain direction (read the book, completed the task, and so on), put 2. evaluation will analyze how much time you can devote self-development and self-improvement.

A few important tips

  1. Take notes every day, as banal as it may sound.It is a daily record-keeping organization develops.
  2. Keep organizer is always at hand.
  3. Write down specific goals rather than abstract thought.No need to write "... probably" or "maybe ...".If there is no certainty that the case need not write it down.
  4. regulates their tasks.Set the time that can be spent on any given task.But the time must be taken with some reserve.It shows how to conduct daily for maximum benefit.
  5. identify priority objectives.Think notation (star - important work, a circle - the mean, the triangle - any problem).
  6. constantly monitor and analyze your records.
  7. At the end of the day the next day, make a list of tasks and be sure to write down what useful you got to do for today, and how much time it took.

Diary teenager

How to adolescent diary?Rules of the diary of a teenager are not much different from the usual.The blog can bring the lessons at school (or a pair of the institute), as well as the things that you need to do that day.Thus it is better to get a colored markers, and depending on the importance of affairs "paint" them.In any case, the teenager should be familiar with how to properly maintain daily.Often, however, the organizer Man or Woman adolescence more like a diary.It recorded a variety of tests, surveys, pasted pictures and stuff.

Women's diaries

Women's diaries differ from normal.The most common variants:

  1. organizer of a series of "Psychology".
  2. Diary gift for a woman.
  3. Culinary blog.
  4. Female business daily.
  5. diary for a girl.

dwell on each of them.

1. Organizer of the series "Life."

These diaries are based on positive psychology, they have tips for all occasions.In these diaries can contain a lot of useful things, aphorisms, sayings of the wise, meditation exercises, restore breathing, visualization and more.

2. Diary gift for women.

Beautiful design, nice cover, glossy pages - that's the secret of popularity and success of women's diaries.The contents of the diary: advice on the selection of hairstyles, Beauty, health, fashion trends.It also can be the size of the table, the calculation of calories, zodiac signs and the like.Most diaries are a kind of diary for women, they are glued favorite photos, written by the hand of poems and quotes.

3. Culinary blog for women.

on its pages can contain quick and easy recipes that you can use every day.In addition to the menu options and a dozen recipes, it can be a lot of useful "stuff": calculation of calorie content of trace elements and vitamins in foods, culinary tricks, and so on.

4. Female business daily.

for women working in the serious business suit business daily without any frills.Style, comfort, rigor, functionality - these are the basic requirements for such a rolodex.

5. Diary for girls.

Variety female organizer of the gift - diary for a girl.How to diary girl?Typically, such a blog is much like the personal, there a lot of attention paid to the relationship between a man and a woman.On the pages of the diary can be placed horoscopes, compatibility, and other psychological types, which will help build a harmonious relationship.Often you can see on the pages of different tests of self-determination.

So, how to choose a journal - you decide.The main thing - regular maintenance of the diary by following the above tips, then you will soon realize how well it helps to plan their lives and embellish some of its highlights.