Whit Monday - name-Earth

There are many Orthodox holiday of the Russian people.Everyone knows Christmas and Epiphany, Easter and Trinity.Some holidays are not as important, but not so well known.One of these events - Whit Monday.Orthodox Christians celebrate it as soon as Trinity.Holy Scripture says that on that day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Christ, so this festival is also called the Day of Pentecost.He said on different dates, but always on Monday.Strictly prohibited in Orthodoxy any work on that day on the ground in a sign of respect and reverence for the land, the birthday girl.

set of names is the Day of the Holy Spirit.In Vyatka called him name-day Earth, Ukraine - Bogoduhov day or Rozigri, Belarus - Rusalnitsa or Ivan da Marya, Serbia - Rusal.

history of this holiday tells us that on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Christ the apostles were in Jerusalem.Suddenly, they heard a sound from heaven.He was like the noise of a strong wind, only the wind was not.Gradually it filled the whole ho

use where they were sitting.Share this sound into the languages ​​of fire and descended on each of them individually.At this point, they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages, in which the Spirit gave them utterance.And they people created the Creator Spirit in the image and likeness of the Lord.

Spirit Day - a holiday which begins the evening church service.During the service, read the three special prayers for the day, composed of St. Basil.They read knees.This is a celebration of honoring the Holy Spirit, who according to Christian precepts considered "giver of life", sustains the universe in its existence.It is through the Holy Spirit God's grace poured out on their children.

There are a number of traditions on Whit Monday.In some agricultural areas of our country during this holiday is carried out a procession around the fields, accompanied by the singing of religious psalms, hymns and reading special prayers.Another custom of this festival - feeding Mother Earth.Start your he takes on Vyatka.In Whit all older women got together and went to the field.There they spread a tablecloth on the ground and laid brought food.Their meal was interrupted by chants and bypass field.At this time they are scattered pieces of food on the ground, and the eldest of them dug a piece of the ground, begging for crop land.People believed that on this day the earth at sunrise reveals its secrets to all who wish to know them.Therefore, right after morning prayers people went to the fields and cling ear to the ground.This custom was called "treasures of the hearing."However, the land reveals its secrets only to the most godly, righteous true.It was also believed that the Spirit Day - is the true beginning of the summer, since it not only from the sky but from the earth in the day the heat starts to go.

Very often identified Spirits day with mermaids.There was a belief that to this day mermaids live in the water, and then - go to the fields, meadows and fields.This week it was dangerous to walk on the fields sown with rye and swim.Mermaids could pick up in the underwater kingdom.

Now this day is performed church services, and people simply do not work on the ground.Many interesting holiday traditions, sadly, passed away.