How to choose a gift to the teacher to the prom

school years pass quickly, and now all ready for the last ball.Students and parents decide to make a gift to the teacher to the prom, so as to express their appreciation.But in recent years it is becoming more and more problematic, as in society, this topic comes up more often in a negative way.Most of the teachers - a decent people, devoted to their work, and public opinion hurts hurts their professional pride.Fearing the negative effects, the teacher can refuse a present.How to choose a gift to the teacher to the prom, to serve as valid proof of gratitude?

Graduation - is not only a presentation of certificates, and beautiful dresses, it is - a kind of up the whole school life.To prepare for it is not only teachers, but also parents and students themselves.Gifts for graduation students should be carefully considered in conjunction with the parent committee.

order not to offend the teacher a gift, you need to come to the choice of the latter individually.Traditional kettle, microwave oven and vase

s look like a duty, faceless token, so better to abandon them immediately.Original gift to the teacher associated with the profession of the teacher will be able to truly serve as a worthy sign of recognition and love.Particularly valuable would be the gift, which will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that children receive in school.Of course, the most sincere gift to the teacher to the prom - made by the hands of students.Consider some examples:

  • teacher of fine art can be presented picture painted by any of the students or parents;
  • literature teacher delight greeting ode or a fable written by the alumni;
  • Geography teacher can give the card to which it is necessary to advance to attach photos of students there, where are they going to go flow;
  • teacher joinery - stand under the original pencils or rulers;
  • teacher of serving work - apron stitched girls;
  • gym teacher can present a brochure of students photocopies of diplomas obtained in the individual competition;
  • class teacher appreciate a film about the life of the classroom and the school, which will also make the students themselves;
  • original gift for biology teachers will flowerbed created by the graduates in the schoolyard;
  • mathematics teacher can make a comic calculation of his working time with the necessary guidelines for the allocation of free - to a favorite hobby and recreation;
  • good chemistry teacher will demonstrate some safe, bright and spectacular experience, by the way, it will be a memorable part of the holiday program;
  • nice teacher will please his portrait, made in one of the photo-programs;
  • but the last call, which sounds as a result of the elementary electrical phenomena studied in the school curriculum, directly at the event will be festive fanfare for a physics teacher.

teacher at a graduation gift can be anything, as long as he was able to convey the sincere feelings experienced by pupils and parents in this important and solemn day.