Elegant dresses: fashion trends, taking into account features of a figure

Today in the wardrobe of almost every woman has at least one dress for your special occasion.After all, sooner or later daily diluted parties, business meetings, corporate events or invitations to all sorts of celebrations.In this case, you just need to have on hand-to-date and trendy outfit.At the same time we can not forget about the peculiarities of their own figures.After all, even the best fancy dress will look ridiculous to those ladies who would not have to put them on.

Today, such things hardly have any restrictions on color, a style or texture materials.You will find yourself in a trend by both light silk dress and a dress made of heavy velvet.But while women with curvaceous not get involved in the latest version.Elegant dresses made of bulk texture of fabrics, visual figure added a few extra centimeters.Therefore put on the velvet and corduroy better slim or skinny ladies.

We will not deviate far from the undying classics.Not all bright or colorful dresses - fancy default.Black is still i

n fashion and still conquers the podium.Wearing a little black dress, you will automatically engage the views.It is ideal for tiny girls.Ladies who are the happy owner of a seductive figure of the "hourglass" would look great in a black dress cut "case."It will emphasize the small waist and hip provide delicious.These are actual fancy dress for any occasion.

not always long style hides figure flaws.Sometimes this outfit should be changed on a slightly easier opening leg below the knee.This advice can be very useful to girls with full hips.But they should give up the models with fluffy skirts, flared from the waist.Such fancy dress leave women with a thin lower body.Otherwise, your hips will become even more visually complete and disproportionate.

Increasingly, women prefer dresses in pastel shades.They set off and freshen the face, make the image more calm, gentle and refined.But do not forget about the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.Red dress will make you irresistible to the background of the other participating celebration.This outfit could have a pretty simple style and decor.Color image add richness and extravagance.

Not all women can boast of a thin waist and long, shapely legs.Therefore, more and more stores, you can find fancy dress large size.They even curvaceous ladies will feel like a real secular lady.They should avoid shades of pink in their way, too frivolous details and patterns, as well as a large number of decorations.Suffice it to emphasize chest area and large parts highlight the waist with a wide belt.In such an outfit even the most prominent figure flaws recede into the background, giving way to its outstanding advantages.