Retro dress - fashion "hello" from the past

Nothing can make a girl is so feminine and sexy, like a dress.Any representative of the beautiful half of humanity, wearing a dress, is changing dramatically.Her gait is flying, look sensual and playful mood.A woman prefers dress pants, causing the men a sense of admiration and even crazy its charming appearance.A special charm can create a retro dress styles were very popular in the 20s - 70s of the last century.And what is in them such delectable?Try to understand.

twenties became a watershed period for women's fashion.Coco Chanel with her little black dress to make a real fashion revolution, creating a unique thing that fits absolutely any woman.And it is time to start the retro style.Today wardrobe any fashionista can not do without such a retro style dress.Just someone chooses long, some short, some prefer a strict model, others - more open.But the figure of any woman who wears a little black dress, it is incredibly feminine and attractive.

in 30s dress again mutate and become more seductive.T

hey gracefully they cover the hips and emphasize the slender waist.The length of such charge becomes shorter, which allows to emphasize the beauty of the legs.

retro dresses, characterized by their modesty and restraint, came to us originally from the 40s - 50s.The postwar period has left its mark on women's fashion.For the dresses of that time was characterized by shallow neckline, narrower waist and adjoining bodice that gave the whole image of elegance and femininity.When you create a preference for outfits such materials as silk, velvet, satin, crepe de Chine.A color can be absolutely any - and the pastel-colored, with bright prints.In addition to the dress ladies of that time used a variety of accessories: handbags, reminiscent of envelopes, form-fitting gloves of medium length, wide patent leather belts and hats with a wide brim.

Radically changing fashion for women's dresses in the 60s - 70s.Now they are a reflection of sexuality and sensuality.A bright representative demonstrating the depth of the neckline of dresses are incomparable Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.Retro dress this time period and different colors - dominated by blue, pink and red.Very popular are floral prints, as well as the pattern in the cell and peas.

Today, many womenswear designers for their collections draw their ideas from the fashion trends of the 20th century.Taking the basis of retro style and modern features complementing fashion, they create an unusual retro dress photos and which are presented in the article.It can be as romantic, and elegant outfits.And among the patterns that favored designers, "top three" hold flowers, cell and peas.

But such outfits hardly fit for every day.Rather, they can be classified as clothing "on the way out."And evening dress in retro style - the perfect outfit for those who want to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time look very stylish, elegant and fashionable.