Stockings with a seam: how to wear them correctly

Undoubtedly, seamed stockings female legs make even more attractive.Firstly, slim seam makes legs visually longer, and secondly, this small detail may be that spicy twist, which is so often lacking in the strict business suit.After all, it is best to blend tights or stockings with a seam at the back: a strict pencil skirt with a blouse and a fitted jacket will play immediately in new ways, while respecting the very strict dress code.

Unfortunately, tights with all sorts of items, including drawings and sequins can afford not everyone.Stockings with seam - is no exception.I was lucky in this sense the owners of smooth, slender legs, but not too thin, as thin seam eggs make even thinner.Stockings with a seam, worn too thick and "relief" feet, can only emphasize the shortcomings.

In any case, the choice of pantyhose or stockings is to stick to the rules.

Choose the right size, given the fullness of his feet and rising.In this issue come to the aid dimension table on the reverse side of the package.

color tights must be combined with a shoe.Universal considered corporal or browns.Never wear a white or light colored shoes black tights, since it is considered a sign of bad taste.

Just like pantyhose, stockings with a seam are not with sandals or other shoes with open toes.

black color blends well with dresses or skirts above the knee, and for an evening out, you can buy tights with a pattern.Make sure that it is organically fit into the overall ensemble, which in this case should be simple so as not to detract from the beautiful legs.

purchasing another pair, pay attention to the density.Tights 20 den fit on a warm autumn and spring, and the model from 50 den considered a winter version and perfectly combined with warm clothes.They contain in their composition wool and cotton, due to what are more soft and warm.

Content Lycra has both pluses and minuses.On the one hand, a large percentage of it in the article provides a perfect fit and the restoration of the original shape, and on the other - are not always adds a welcome and appropriate to the daily along shine.

Choosing stockings with a seam or not, prefer expensive and quality product, which as a result will pay for itself.For special occasions, you can wear the model with rhinestones, sequins or beautiful pattern.But in any case, no one except you do not need to know exactly what to wear stockings rather than tights.No need to show laced gum, since it looks very vulgar, cheap and tasteless.

If you're wearing a belt with buckles, they should also not be guessed under clothing, as well as gum stocking.These things are more for convenience when in pantyhose too hot, and with bare feet appear unseemly.

Before you leave home be sure to confirm whether the gum is not discernible through too high slit skirt, sit down and let down one leg to the other, making sure the extra hidden from prying eyes.

to feel confident, wear stockings with skirts or dresses below the knee of dense tissue, then no one can accuse you of bad taste.