Makeup "cat's eye": expressive, stylish and glamorous!

makeup modern woman must meet a few basic requirements: ease of application, natural appearance, on the face of long-term preservation, corresponding to different situations.Sometimes it is difficult to find a type that would be suitable for business meetings, and cocktail parties.However, there is one kind of make-up, do equally well as a blending with strict office style and a glamorous night party.

A few more words about the makeup

Makeup "cat's eye" - one of the most interesting and stylish types of make-APA, which originated back in the 50s of the last century.The novelty quickly appreciated quite couturier.And now the models on the catwalk turned into a romantic rock beauties, looked at the audience during the parade mysterious slanting eyes.

From the world of high fashion make-up "cat's eye" went, so to speak, to the masses.It became a huge number of girls and young women one of the favorite ways to create an image of a playful, mysterious, graceful, elegant beauty, ready at any moment g

ently hum something to her lover or to show claws and get away from boring gentleman, regardless peredёrnuv a shoulder machined.Still, after she - cat, which is always in itself!

makeup "cat's-eye" exists in many varieties - from the classical to the extravagant type of modernity.However, there are some general rules of its application, which should be done in any case, that your make-up turned out beautiful, expressive, almost perfect, to please you the end result.Here's talk about them.

Rules perfect "cat" make-apa

should clarify: make "cat's eye" is suitable for young girls and women, age 16 to 35 or a little older.Not bad, he will look and youthful ladies, preserved gleam in his eyes, mischievous look and a sufficiently smooth skin.Shape it also plays a role.The perfect oval or "heart" - exactly what is needed for this "war paint".In total the people or the people of round shape make "cat's eye" will not look so impressive and expressive.And now the "instruments of labor" and the process:

  • mask the concealer under eye circles, fine lines, so that our eyelids may seem swollen, podpuhshimi, and his eyes shone with youthful and fun.
  • then eyeliner and liquid eyeliner."Cat" make-up should be done very carefully and accurately.So if you own a liner uncertain, it is better to give preference to a pencil.It should be fairly solid, well ochinennym pencil.Making the most of the arrow on the lash line, with a single motion.From the first time, especially with a little practice, it can not happen.But the skill comes with experience, so go ahead and exercise.After all, "cat's eyes" - make it rock, and negligence, inaccuracy lines will ruin everything.
  • arrows from the rear inner corner of the eye to the outside.If the distance between the eyes of a large or classical, you can even just to go abroad, the inner corner.If the eyes are close to each other, the line to start, a little short before it began.Do stroke care not to scratch.At the outer corner of the line smoothly we raise to temples.
  • pencil After the turn of the liquid eyeliner.She encircled arrows in one sitting, not a dotted line and a solid line.First, the line becomes thin.Then, closer to the outer corner, it is uniformly thickened on both eyes.The drama will be determined by your view of this thickness.
  • Next we undertake shadow.They will give a make-up effect of the haze, your eyes will seem bigger, deeper, more beautiful.To do this, take the dark shades of the main color you need, and applied to have traced the line of arrows towards the temples and eyebrows.All feathered carefully to avoid sharp edges and transitions.
  • Volume Mascara.She carefully painted over the top and bottom of cilia, but it has not turned agglomerated or lumps.Note in the upper region of the outer corners of the eyes.They should be especially long and thick, to emphasize the cut eyes.
  • And the final touch - his eyebrows.Special pencil small strokes should emphasize their natural bend - this will make your "cat" look more interesting, pronounced noticeable.

Well, that's all.It remains to apply the appropriate gloss to the lips, put her hair - and a sweet, charming, mysterious cat can go in search of adventure or to decorate a room reputable company!