Makeup for blondes with blue and green eyes.

color of your eyes, hair, skin tone, as well as clothing and accessories affect the choice of palette makeup.For a particular type of appearance, it will be important and the ability to combine colors.The choice of color shades will depend on what you decide to do make-up: day, evening, business, creative.With properly selected range of colors can emphasize a rare eye and hair color or shape to focus on the eyelids, cheeks, lips, eyebrows.

makeup for blondes with green eyes

Choosing a palette of shades for this type of appearance is to emphasize the color of the eyes, or his efforts.Makeup for green eyes blonde performed taking into account the time of day and destination.Day requires a less contrasting colors, the business should not attract attention.For evening make-up can make the contrasting accents, but do not forget about borders and shading lines.So, consider the classic day makeup for blondes with green eyes.Start with preparing the skin.After step cleansing and applying day cream should

be a correction and simulation of face shape if necessary.Do not disregard the eyebrows, their well-groomed appearance does make complete and accurate.All shades of makeup you want to use from the warm palette.Shadows-base, which are applied to the entire eyelid, choose from a series of "golden sand", "syrup honey", "amber".The intensity of the color depends on skin tone: the darker it is, the deeper the color of the shadows.Use as an accent colors such as warm plum, granite and amethyst.To give affection, in makeup for blondes with green eyes, you can add colors from pink palette.
Pale pink shade shadows fit light-skinned blondes and smoky pink is ideal for owners of dark skin.They have been applied on the eyelids (from the crease to the brow at the outer corner of the eye).Blush pink flowers with a golden glow, the intensity of which also depends on skin tone, apply on top of the cheekbones.Bring the line of growth of eyelashes better pencil amethyst or muted green.Mascara volume select black or brown."Delicate peach" lip transparent powder to complete, and makeup for blondes with green eyes ready.Remember that the combination of the color palette - this is a classic scheme.The variety of colors in the cosmetic market allows you to find the right colors for a beautiful makeup.

blonde with blue eyes

Makeup for owners of blond hair and blue eyes made with golden hues and shades of gray.Their intensity also depends on the skin tone.It is undesirable to use a very dark color, black eyeliner and strongly emphasize the cheekbones.Do blondes gentle type of appearance, so try to trim shades that are in harmony.Observe the balance of warm and cool colors, and then your makeup is always perfect!