"Chance" Chanel - fragrance business woman

At Chanel fragrances has a unique charm.When a girl or woman "dress" them, feel French.But it is not only the desire "to temporarily change the nationality" encourages the fair sex to use perfume or scented water of the brand.Aromas "Chanel" - is a sign of social status of the person who uses them.Unique and expensive perfume that involve trading house girls or women belonging to high society.Chanel Fragrances are designed to give the opportunity to feel the arrival of women and reminded of the fact that she was here.

Over the period of the trading houses were issued a variety of compositions.They were created for women of different age groups, for daily use, evening, tart, sweet, with a bitter, carrying the freshness, loop ... But whatever spirits were created, they all emphasize the femininity of their owners.After 2000 most fashionable steel Loop flavors.They make sense not only the presence of the fair sex with you, but also to pay attention to her departure, turning after trailing train spirits.T

he most popular flavors for the steel business woman and perfume, carrying the freshness for women of any age.

"Chance" Chanel is a classic fragrance for adult business women.There is nothing superfluous.Created in the best traditions of the trading house "Chanel".No cause, playful notes of, but no heavy evening of music.According to the group chypre fragrance is floral."Chance" Chanel went on sale in 2003.Created by perfumer Jacques Polge.In the top notes there is a pineapple fragrance, patchouli, iris, hyacinth and pink pepper.Echoes of the heart sounds citrus and jasmine.Base notes are musk, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver."Chance" Chanel - noble, bright, beautiful and expensive scent.It refers to the niche fragrance lasting a loop.It depart notes of pink pepper and musk.It gives body pungent taste of the male perfume."Chance" Chanel is very versatile, suitable for any time of year and time of day.He will never be intrusive.Perfume Chanel "Chance" can be compared with a glass of champagne.It is sparkling, enchanting.Gives femininity, it emphasizes the exclusivity of each woman.The first version of the toilet water it is green and ringing.A perfume version of it is very similar to the scent of leather, calm.This fragrance, which does not cause aggression.

Chanel "Chance Fresh" - a fragrance that is released in 2007.Developed by perfumer Jacques Polge specifically for the trading house.As Chanel "Chance", belongs to a group of floral chypre aromas.Top notes - white cedar and citrus - create a sense of ease in the hot day.Heart notes envelop the water hyacinth, pink pepper and jasmine.Base notes are amber, patchouli, teak wood, vetiver, iris and white musk.The scent is fresh, it is best to "see" a woman in the warm season.It contains no heavy music.Perfect for a summer evening stroll.Loopback.The loop keeps note of the sea breeze.Attaches the utmost freshness of the body, it does not burden the finish.Suitable for women of any age.Excellent sound as a young girl, and the ladies at the age.Beautiful, fresh, discreet and at the same time, expensive scent.