The ideal makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

All women, regardless of looks, hairstyles and figures, want to look gorgeous and be beautiful.It is often said that the brunette is just bright and flashy make-up, but it is not.Regardless of the tone of the face, its shape, hair color and eye shape, you can choose the make-up and make-up that is ideal for you.

To start, you need to clean the skin tonic and cleansing milk.This is done in order to lay the foundation evenly and there was no visible boundaries of transition from the skin to the substrate.Brunettes with a dark complexion perfect tonal basis of beige and tobacco shades, that is darker.For evening make-up ideal coral, peach, darker shades of blush.

doing makeup for brunettes with brown eyes, it should be remembered that the appropriate tone shades are pink, purple, brown and shades of green.Brunette with black hair completely should sharpen its focus on the blue-black shadows or abuse eyeliner.There are more appropriate light and gentle tone, but worth doing eyeliner on the upper eyelid

.The best option would be shading liner.For women with dark hair are ideal shades of silver, navy blue and shades of steel.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes may consist of a rather bold and interesting colors such as purple, pink and lilac.Young girls can play the most vivid shades of these colors.For daytime make-up can be used brownish tones, including ocher, gold and tobacco.Blush fit translucent, coral and red tones.Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes should look extravagant and naturally, so do not abuse with bright colors of lipsticks, it's best to resort to the more natural shades or transparent shine.

Makeup for green eyes brunettes should combine the natural and natural colors to enhance the beauty and depth of the green-eyed beauties.In the evening variant can be combined emerald, violet, purple, bronze tone.More suitable would make in oriental style, lipstick or gloss should pick up the intense and vivid.A more interesting way as to help create a shade of bronze, silver and gold colors.Daytime makeup for brunettes with brown eyes (as well as with green) is best done in pastel colors.

to create a unique and seductive bridal makeup for brunettes, pay attention to the many nuances.Brunettes - by nature, tend to be bright woman, so do not overdo it with bright colors.If the bride - brunette with a bright face, the best option would be to choose a light subtle shades of foundation.Also pay attention to the color of the dress, it depends on many things.It - secrets that will help to make a perfect wedding makeup;photo for brunettes better to do on a light background.So you can experiment with your way as you like, the main thing - do not overdo it, and know when to stop.After all, the main task - not to embellish, and to emphasize your natural beauty.