To look beautiful, you need to follow five rules

Every woman can look great, regardless of age.This does not mean that it should make for a lot of effort, and from morning till night to visit beauty salons, massage parlors, health clubs, have a personal stylist and makeup artist, etc.It is not necessary to look beautiful, to spend a fortune millionaire husband.The most ordinary girl and the woman with the most modest incomes may look fine, if it is to comply with simple rules, but every day.


Rule one - skin care.It requires daily cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.Care needs not only the facial skin, but also the whole body!Just after puberty girl should begin to take care of their skin.It is an indicator of women's health.Therefore, we must remember that cosmetic skin care, in which women have placed so many hopes, but supports it.Good makeup helps hide or slightly correct the deficiencies: blue circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, age spots, acne.But if a woman does not keep track of their health, nutrition, does not drink enough wa

ter, that no makeup will not help her.Conversely, if the woman does not have bad habits, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, regular personal hygiene, do not forget once a week put a mask on your face (can be cooked at home), daily moisturizes and nourishes the skin, itIt looks great!It is worth to pick up a high-quality cosmetics to accentuate the beautiful features and, if necessary, to make it visually younger.

hair and nails

Rule the second - care of hair and nails.Beautiful hair and nails are also dependent on nutrition.But it happens that they are initially thin, brittle and dull.In any case, do not despair.Try to find a suitable hairstyle which will give your hair volume, favorably accentuate your beautiful facial features: eyes, nose or chin.Nails can be extended.It is also useful to add to the diet of foods rich in calcium and iodine - in time the nail plates become stronger.Home - keeping them clean, as well as hair.If you dye your hair, you can not prevent regrowth of the roots of more than 2 cm, otherwise dark roots will give you sloppy appearance.With blond roots does matter - seems bald head.For healthy hair stylists recommend not to change color dramatically, only a 1-2 pitch.Then you can not be painted so often, because a smooth transition from the roots to the colored hair is almost imperceptible.Be sure to learn how to style your hair and pick up a good cosmetic products if they look too fluffy.


Rule Three - movement and support the figure.Believe me, skinny top model - not the ultimate dream of our men.Therefore it is not necessarily to torture themselves a 10-kilometer jogs every morning and sit for hours in the gym.You just try to do exercises and walk at least 40 minutes a day.You should not overeat at night and eat up the children, as well as snack cakes stress - and the figure will look great!The most important thing - to feel good and have the energy to family and love to do, and diet and prohibitions that contribute little.


Often young girls, barely finished school, just think about how to look fashionable.Somehow they believe that their young people track new trends and prefer girls dressed in the latest fashion.In fact, the guys are just trying to show that there is something in this understanding (with rare exceptions).They just look how beautiful dress sits on you as it reveals the advantages of your figure.Therefore, choosing clothes, we must first understand what kind of image you get in a particular dress.


Finally, the most important rule - a good mood.A woman to look beautiful at any age, it is enough to glow from within.Nice, kind, gentle, sincere smile does wonders, and opens any door.And such a smile is only in kind, generous, interesting and open-minded person.Here are drawn to him like a sun.