Breastfeeding and Nipple Cream

Many women, nurturing your future baby, dream of breastfeeding.Due to the unstable environmental conditions, adverse environmental factors, poor nutrition and other factors often mom and baby are not breastfeeding.Still, the percentage of mothers with good milk flow is high enough, and they often have another problem arises: cracks in the nipples.

There are a number of preventive measures to prevent the formation of cracks.For example, it is advisable to use the cream for the nipples, which softens the delicate skin, preventing the appearance of cracks.Some mothers are very worried, fearing the adverse effects of the constituent elements of these creams on the baby's health.In fact, no disturbances should not arise, because the nipple cream, produced by modern manufacturers, it is safe for the baby's health.Any product related to pediatrics, is thoroughly tested before release.

cracks in the nipples brings a lot of trouble, both mother and child.In addition to pain, the woman at risk to bring an

infection in open fractures, which may contribute to the development of mastitis, and later abandonment of breastfeeding.The child usually have to settle for a small amount of milk from the healthy breast.If a woman has amazed both breasts, then it is necessary to transfer the baby to mixed feeding with the addition of artificial formulas to heal fractures.To accelerate this process also applies to Nipple Cream lanolin-based.

Swiss scientists have taken care of the well-being of mothers and their babies by creating a series of products medela.Nipple cream this manufacturer has in its composition of only natural products, which allows not to interrupt the process of breastfeeding.Due to its composition, it does not cause allergies, does not contain any preservatives, food additives and fillers aromatic.Nipple Cream in Switzerland it is not necessary to wash off immediately before feeding, it is perfectly softens the skin and prevents its drying.

Cream can be used not only to care for the breast, he copes with the dryness and cracks anywhere on the skin and mucous membranes.Our compatriot is not the first use of cream and other products of the company Medela.Reviews and expertise after the application are transferred to other mums in a positive context.For this reason, it is becoming a mother, to take care about the health of her breast and her baby.It is important not to give the opportunity to abort the case of mother and child bond.

addition to using the cream for the nipples, you must carefully observe good personal hygiene: wearing cotton underwear, to arrange showers stimulation to milk flow.Swiss company Medela recommends that you regularly use special cotton pad and be sure to grease nipple cream before or after feeding at least once a day.

carrying out the above recommendations, and to massage the breasts and gymnastics, every nursing mother can easily protect yourself from problems breastfeeding.