Foam wash - it does not make the wrong choice?

Today counters cosmetics stores swamped diverse means for washing - foams, gels, creams, mousses.All manufacturers conscientiously advertise their products, demonstrating to consumers that only their cosmetics the most natural, the most environmentally friendly, most efficient, and in general - the most, the most ... What did we see in the composition of assets, cleanses the skin - from algae to mucus snails.How to understand all this diversity?What kind of facial wash do you need?Let's try to evaluate all this splendor, and perhaps some kind of cleanser you are interested in.

Cleansing facial wash from "Garnier" contains vitamin E and green mint, which protects the skin.Careful daily cleansing, removing make-up perfect - it is the dignity of the tool.It is very important that it works gently and carefully, keeping the moisture level of the skin, which becomes fresh, smooth and soft.Daily used, facial wash from "Garnier" will make your skin healthy and improve its color.

Another excellent remedy fo

r skin cleansing - Clean & amp; Clear.This is not a facial wash, a refreshing gel to cleanse the skin.It copes well with problematic skin, it almost does not dry.

next vehicle should appeal to many.Foam wash from the company Himalaya Herbals containing neem - a very effective tool.She is very easy and quick wash.It perfectly cleanses, removes redness, does not dry.

Foam wash from "Mirra" contains fruit acids and chamomile, perfectly cleanses contaminated skin, does not violate the protective barrier, prevents dehydration of the epidermis, tones and exfoliates dead skin cells, smooths, perfectly cleanses the pores and enhances the protective function of the skin.

Probably, it would be unfair to say the means for washing and do not remember the popular Russian producers.The brand "One hundred recipes for beauty" has in its collection agent for skin care that loved many women in our country.We present our "Humidification and freshness" - a good facial wash.Reviews grateful shoppers producers of this unique tool created by popular recipes prepared daily.Active ingredients effectively clean the skin, moisturizes it, refreshes and tones.Foam contains a lot of natural ingredients - aloe vera juice, grape seed oil, green tea extract.It has a very nice soft texture, fine, effortlessly washes away makeup, even the most resistant.The skin quickly becomes velvety and soft, it is not felt dryness or contraction.

I would like to say about the facial wash from the famous company "Vichy".Purete Thermal improves the color of your skin, gently cleanses, restores youthfulness and freshness of the face.Do not irritate the skin, does not cause allergic reactions, does not contain soap, it is recommended for all skin types.It has a pleasant texture and very delicate flavor.

facial wash should be carefully chosen specifically for your skin type, it does not dry and does not irritate.