Own rating mascara

Rating mascara should be individually for themselves every girl.Because, in spite of the general concept of a cosmetic product, each manufacturer has its own "recipe" of manufacturing.In addition, it is necessary to choose the shop where you buy make-up means on a permanent basis because the market today there are a large number of fakes that may contain allergenic supplements or low-quality dyes.

rating mascara, it may be worthwhile, since it everyday option.If you tint eyelashes every day, it is usually chosen a quality sample budget, for example, from "Meybelin."This version has a good brush, special pigments to create a bright color, bezkomkovuyu structure.The cost of funds leaves about 200 rubles, which allows you to buy the product, and often without much damage to the budget.

Today, there are many colors of the cosmetic product, so each type has its own appearance there is a good mascara.Reviews stylists tell us that the blond girl better not to use the bulk of black ink, asit can make some

dissonance and aggression in a fragile look.It is appropriate to brown ink and gray are quite rare.In special cases, you can make a slight accent on the tips of the eyelashes using colored mascara in eye color (green, blue, purple).The same recommendations experts give red-haired women who are more suited chocolate tones.But for brunettes, of course, is perfect "Color of Night," which framed the eyes will glow like stars.

Own rating mascara should be taking into account the factor of color, becausecompanies generally prefer black color, which, however, would be very appropriate for evening makeup.To exit the front, you can choose a more expensive make-up, the price of which ranges from 600 (900) to one thousand five hundred rubles.

Rating mascara, compiled by fashion magazines often allocates manufacturers such as Estee Lauder and Clinique.The latest models are the first manufacturer offering a cosmetic mousse containing gels, polymers, pigments and wax.The second found a formula that is well kept on the eyelashes and thus perfectly ordinary washed off with warm water.It consists of polymers and mineral quartz, which provides good properties such carcasses.

What is the best mascara?2012 Rating believes that this "Diorshou Blekaut" from the well-known firm Christian Dior.People write about what cosmetic produces long, velvet, black lashes that look after the ordinary application as if it were done by a professional stylist.The secret lies in the fact that the composition of the black powder is added to the carcass.This achieves a deep staining, which allows not streak base of cilia additionally black pencil.