Lip balms: hydration and comfort

lip skin most of all exposed to the negative effects of an aggressive environment.After the usual creams totally unsuitable for her.All that is applied to the lips should be soft texture, a pleasant smell and be safe - these funds often fall into the oral cavity.We all talk, eat and sometimes we give kisses.If you want to preserve the health and youthfulness of your lips as much as possible, use special emollients.With their help thin skin will get all the necessary nutrients.We have in mind a variety of lip balms.

atmosphere of a modern city much harm, and the appearance of the skin.Automobile exhaust gases, extremes of temperature, lack of vitamins and trace elements in food - all this has a negative impact not only on the body as a whole, but also on the lips.Thin skin starts to dry out, the result is a hard crust which may crack, which will bring extremely unpleasant.Lip balms compensate for the loss of moisture and protect against the negative impact.However, we must learn how to choose them.

Cosmetic oil lip balms and should contain the minimum number of colors.This will prevent an allergic reaction.In addition, stop your choice on a medium that does not contain sequins.These ornaments only further dried lips.

Always carefully read the list of ingredients indicated on the label.Best lip balm should contain lanolin, aloe extracts, paraffin, natural oils and vitamins.Pay special attention to the last paragraph.Quite often, the skin of the lips dry out due to lack of vitamin A. If you can not make up for it by changing their daily diet, buy special tools.Lip balms containing a vitamin, not only give the skin soft for some time, but also to prevent its further drying.

Today in the shops you can offer a lot of variety of cosmetics.Among such a rich assortment of very easy to get lost and buy a defective product.It is therefore important to determine in advance with the manufacturer and the trade mark, which is best suited for your lips.To do this, read the reviews.I must say that one of the leaders rightly recognized Lip Balm "Nivea".Women who have used them to report significant improvement in skin condition.It has become much softer and softer.The composition of this balm is recognized as the best for any skin of the lips.

If you do not trust the media out of the store, make a balm at home.Use as a basis honey or petrolatum and beeswax.All other components can be purchased at almost any drugstore vitamins A, E and shea butter.These lip balms are not afraid to eat because they contain only natural substances.It is also possible to use cocoa butter, orange, almond, cinnamon and avocado.