Coloring agents: tint balms and shampoos for hair

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive.It all should be fine.It constantly changes its appearance.Most of the ladies to change appearance use hair dye.Today there is a huge variety of such funds.Painting, particularly strong fixing, often spoil the hair structure.With extreme caution should be used clarifying agents.

most are harmless tinting hair dye in the form of shampoos and conditioners.They are easy to use.They emphasize the beauty of the natural color, giving it an extra brightness.In addition, they contain healing substances and nourishes the hair, giving them an extra shine and protection from UV rays.Their disadvantages are that they are quickly washed away and completely paint over gray hair.Larger pigments can penetrate deeply into the hair structure, easy to leave it.From toners best cope with the gray tint balms hair.

Tips for use

Apply toners simply.Using tint balms for the hair, you must remember a few rules.The balm is applied to clean hair without shampoo.Sustain m

eans in accordance with instructions for use.The longer, the more intense the color.Wash toning balm thoroughly until the water is crystal clear.Use this method for coloring hair permed or bleached curls can be after two weeks.During this time they recovered, the paint goes smoothly.Keep in mind that changes the color of henna, which should give a tint balms hair.Before using any chemical dyes need a few months to not use it.

How to use coloring shampoos

This tool gives you a double effect - it colors the hair and wash them.Curls are soft and shiny.The shampoo is applied to wet hair and left on for several minutes.As well as the application of balms, before using this tool, you need to carefully read the instructions.Typically, the procedure is repeated twice.Not recommended for bleached or damaged hair perm applied coloring shampoos.Reviews about changing hue in this case the variety.

How to choose the color toners

Today diverse range of coloring products.The most popular toning shampoos and conditioners brand L'Oreal Paris and Estel Solo.Proven tools make hair beautiful and healthy.Tint balm or shampoo is chosen on the basis of the natural hair color.Blondes suit light colors.Particularly popular gold and copper versions.Brunettes prefer cherry, chocolate or caramel color.For gray hair recommended ashen.In order to understand what color is best for you, you can buy two or three favorite funds and tone a few strands.After that, feel free to use the most suitable option.

Tint balms and hair tinting shampoos enliven natural color, make it brighter and more saturated.Use them and you'll be fine and charming!