Evening makeup for brunettes as a means of creating an image

In the first group of women to attract attention blond, even if it is less beautiful than the others.Blondes are not better, they just brighter.That is why it is so important for a good evening makeup brunette.He would help her stand out, attract attention, do not get lost.It is an effective weapon that in the hands of the skilled person turns drawbacks into advantages, or, conversely, the benefits to the disadvantages if clumsy hands, cosmetic subtleties not so sophisticated.

facial features, hair color, eye color and style of dress, lighting the room where the event takes place, for the sake of which is attached as much effort - all this must be considered.In such art is a rare woman can, and make a perfect evening make-up for the brunette to blonde or brown-haired, short, for every type of woman, can only be a professional makeup artist.Another thing is that not all ladies can pay for his services.At other times it is not.For them, and there are tips on how to choose a hairstyle, how to make the ev

ening make-up, which prefer spirits, etc.

On the evening dress code

Many young women are not very experienced in the art of makeup, mistakenly believe that the evening make-up gets its name from the time sutok.Dolya truth there is, for many important events are marked in the evening.But if by some miracle you get an invitation to a ball on the day the Queen of England or the noble assembly (these are in Europe and in Russia), it is still a dress code you need evening.On the red carpet at Cannes star in broad daylight under the bright sun French celebrities are held in the same evening dresses.However, the coverage would have to be considered.Beautiful purple or dark blue dress in daylight decorate, and in the evening the artificial and can wear out.The same happens with the person if thoughtlessly choose the color of lipstick, blush and shadow.

General tips for the perfect flawless makeup needed basis.And no matter to whom is evening makeup for brunettes or blondes, to prepare the ground the same requirements.In order to matt skin, makeup and long remained fresh, on the basis of a colorless inflict a fine loose powder.The person - not a flat surface, so the powder using two or three shades - light and dark, but the colors should be one.It is necessary to mute the convexity or vice versa, to create the illusion of them.This way you can adjust some features, and even the shape of the face.

Work on the way

When the base is prepared, which mentioned above, it bears decorative tools.In our case this evening makeup for brunettes.In contrast to the blonde woman who can keep her eyes with almost no makeup, seeking expression with the help of only one bright lipstick lady with dark hair should accentuate precisely their, otherwise not be able to create a distinctive image.Therefore, it is important for brunettes know in minute subtleties of how to make the evening eye makeup, given their color and shape.In the palette of shades for brown eyes, must be present shades of brown, golden, velvety gray and khaki.Blue-eyed brunettes experts recommend orange, peach, purple, gray and brown.The green-eyed - lilac, violet, plum, pink, gray, green and brown.An important detail: the color of shadows should not repeat the exact color of the eyes.

Shine, shine that prevents

necessarily choose matte shadows.And no nacre, no gloss - the classics can not tolerate tinsel!And the evening make-up - this is a classic.For him, the mandatory application of contour pencil and mascara.Instead of a pencil can be used liquid liner.Evening out - is a case where you can use false eyelashes.But the ink is applied to them only one thin layer, otherwise the expressiveness of the eyes turn into heaviness.Delicately tinted eyebrows.The slightest error - and the finished makeup will be ruined, and with it the mood and plans.The main requirement - do not have to look like eyebrows painted, they need a little shade.Pencil should be a tone darker than themselves eyebrows.

or eyes, or lips

immutable law of right make-up - to allocate one thing, or eyes, or mouth.Select All at once - spoil everything look vulgar and inappropriate.As already mentioned, the main focus when applying makeup brunette eyes should pay, but on the lips, too, must not be forgotten.Cleverly worked outline with a pencil, light and dark shades of lipstick, you can lightly touch up the outlines and visually enlarge the volume.This will make the image of a charming and complete.

brunette If done correctly, the festival she will not be equal!