Bio-gel nail

Bio-firming was born in South Africa back in 1988.Ten years later, this method became widely used in many beauty salons in Europe.Russia has recently appeared a procedure to strengthen nails, which uses bio-gel, the positive reviews about it one hundred percent.And how could it be otherwise - he perfectly fulfills its function, lasts a long time and can be easily removed.

What is a bio-gel

In fact it is a very flexible material, use the wizard to create the ideal coverage of the nail plate.Bio-Gel is made mainly from resin and wood tiksovogo particular organic protein.Also in the presence of vitamins (A and E) and other allergenic substances practically odorless.

advantages of bio-gel

Its main distinguishing feature of the acrylic and other materials for the building is that the nail plate can "breathe" under this cover.This is possible by providing free access of oxygen available through the micropores.As a result, your nails do not turn yellow, stop break and delaminate.Before the dir

ect application of bio-gel must be quite a bit lightly sanded surface strengthens, not stachivaya top layer.Because the coating is relatively thin (much thinner than acrylic) nails and bio-gel retains its flexibility and color and healthy glow has not lost for long with 3-4 weeks.Also, the advantages include the fact that this material can be used for a long time, even without a break.After the application of bio-gel, you did not feel a sense of discomfort or tightness of nail plates.Apply it possible for manicure and pedicure.

Nail bio-gel

Before its application must be made hygienic manicure salon: sawed nails, cuticle cut, grind plate special tool.Now, should degreasing and applying acid-free primer.Then, a special brush to apply bio-gel which is immediately distributed uniformly over the entire length of your nails, leveling the plate, making it perfectly smooth.Reinforcing material is held by being a part of a protein, which when dried under a UV lamp rays interact with the proteins of your natural nail.

to manicure was more durable, after the primer should be applied to the basic framework for building a conventional gel, and at the end of the procedure to fix the finish-gel that protects the nail plate from external negative influences, and to remove the stickiness.

complexity of using bio-gel at home

For independent strengthen nails you have to buy a whole set of expensive equipment and various devices (UV lamp, the device for manicure, tools, templates and others.).Although this is a double edged sword - you can spend quite as much (and maybe more) on trips to the master nail service.In addition, it should be noted that all the consumables missing a very long time.