Eyebrows for oval faces can look mysteriously

extended (or narrow) the person has the shape of an oval, the vertical axis is greater than the horizontal is 1.5 times or more.The characteristic features of this type of appearance is a long chin, high forehead, and, as a rule, the nose, too, is more elongated.Previously, long face was a sign of aristocratic origin, but now the fairer sex much complexes, if they have just such a appearance.Although modern, well-known show-business stars (Kylie Minogue, Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler) have an elongated shape of the face, and it is in any case not interfere.Home - accentuate the pros and dignity.

Pro make-up and not only

However, like all other types of faces, narrow requires an individual approach throughout.You need to find your own style.Makeup for a long face will be somewhat different from, for example, make-up for round type.Consult your stylist.Eyebrows for oval faces advantageously overcame all removed from the nose and having an average width.Ideal would look perfectly straight lin

e over the eyes.They will emphasize the direct and give the uniqueness of facial expressions, but if such eyebrows for oval face scare you a little bit of its radicalism, it is possible to select options such as arcuate, with a gentle curve.But be careful not to do too "cool" curve and greatly lower the end of the eyebrows to the temples.Since in this case the person will look unnatural.Below is a photo of eyebrows, the shape of which is not recommended for women with oval face.If the curvature is too high and sharp with the arcuate or round eyebrows, the high forehead will appear larger.Do we want this?Not at all, because our goal - to adjust the face so that all looked harmoniously and correctly.Also, in any case, do not turn your eyebrows into thin strings by removing excessive hair - it looks very unnatural.

About correction

eyebrows for oval face - this is a smooth transition and the absence of sharp bends: no eyebrows arch, nor its end should not form a clear angle to the horizontal.For proper correction should consider the following:

  • Removing unwanted hair from the bridge will contribute to making the face of tenderness and visual shortening the nose.
  • Home eyebrows for oval face should coincide with the edge of the nostrils, and the distance between the eyebrows should be approximately two fingers or slit eyes.
  • transition from a broad brow to thin the end you must make the most soft and smooth.
  • If your eyebrows are initially cool break, remove the hairs from the upper edge of the center and apply a few strokes of a pencil on the bottom;
  • End eyebrows should be directed to the temples, otherwise the eyebrows, the tips of which tend upwards, to visually shorten the face.

Taking into account such nuances of ingenuous, you can make a beautiful shape eyebrows and his face.To help in the correction of "oval" type of appearance can also long, covering his forehead, straight bangs.In addition, it is possible to use glasses to help "shorten" a long face.Important!When you select a frame, give preference to models without closing the eyebrows.By the way, socialite Ksenia Sobchak exactly hiding his long face.