Cooking hair conditioner at home: what is right for you?

balm hair at home will require you minimal cash and time.But the benefits of this self-made tools, consisting exclusively from natural ingredients, is fantastic.What balm for hair at home to cook best?First of all, it depends on the type and structure of your hair, as well as on the effect you wish to receive.

to shine and strengthen the hair

To make such a balm, you will need to mix together 1 tspvinegar, 1 tspglycerine, egg (1 pc.) and 2 tablespoonscastor oil.Once you votrete the scalp this tool, you need to wrap the hair with a towel, hold it a few minutes on the ferry, then rinse.This procedure makes the hair smooth, soft and manageable.

for nutrition and hydration

Next hair conditioner at home and cook simply.All you need to - get ripe banana, well knead it.Next to receive the banana puree you need to add 1 tspalmond oil, 1 tablespoonhoney and stir vigorously.Mush to put on hair, put on a top hat made of polyethylene and wrapped with an additional towel for the purpose of insulation.Keep t

he mask on your hair need about 20-30 minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm running water.


Against Hair Loss - a problem of thousands of women worldwide.But knowing how to make the necessary in this case, hair conditioner at home, you can not worry about the safety of their density and shag!So, to 1 tablespoonHenna (white) must add 1 tspyogurt and hot water.Next, grind the garlic (enough for 1 st medium cloves), add 1/2 tspcocoa and 1 tsphoney.Good mix, we put a mask on your hair and close the polyethylene cap or bag.After 1.5 hours, you need to wash your hair (it is best to use for this some herbal decoction).

For oily hair

First, prepare herbal tea of ​​dried herbs.In our collection should include components such as nettle, St. John's wort, chamomile, birch leaves.Pour into a glass bowl 0.5 cups of vegetable oil, and the same amount of lemon juice.There also add 1 tablespoonmixed herbs.With the power of the future is shaken balm, tight-fitting lid and give to stand in the refrigerator for about a week.The present solution is needed to filter, and then regularly rubbed into the hair roots for half an hour, then wash off with plenty of water.

For dry hair

How to make hair conditioner at home, if they tend to dry?To do this, mix these ingredients: 1 tablespoonaloe juice, 1 tablespoonhoney, 1 tspgarlic juice and 1 egg yolk.Essence of garlic is very useful, but it has a pungent smell, so it is recommended to wash the balm using mint broth.A hold on the hair can be no more than 15 minutes.

What good natural balms?

First of all, you'll be 100% sure that a part of your means no harmful chemicals that could adversely affect the condition of the hair and skin.Furthermore, they are not as aggressive, as a store means.So even if you have used some tonic (for example, toning hair balm "Tonic") or painted, color will be quite intense.

Be beautiful!