Gold color - affection and attraction

long dreamed to dye their hair in a golden color?Correctly!It is this color has always been fashionable, being in fact the standard of female attractiveness and tenderness.The popularity of the golden color is due to the fact that he looks gorgeous on most women.With it, you will be truly irresistible.However, to the golden hair color really suits you, you should consider some of the nuances.

  1. Owners blue-gray eyes and recommended cold golden hue.
  2. Warm shades of pure gold will look great on girls with dark skin and dark green eyes.
  3. ladies with dark brown eyes was less fortunate of all - a hair color will reduce the expressiveness of the image, so it is not recommended to use it.

If you start in a choice of colors from the appearance tsvetotipa women, the wonderful golden color suitable types woman- "Spring" and woman- "Autumn".When painting hair in a golden color, it is important to remember that the paint is best falls on the blonde natural hair.For dark as you first need to carry out the proce

dure discoloration, and only after that can be used paint gold.If radical changes you do not like, it is possible to revive the existing hair color by making a few strands of golden hue on the forehead and temples.It will look very impressive.After staining the "golden" hair needs special care.Unfortunately, they are very much fade in the sun, in order to avoid this, use a special shampoo and filters for sun protection.

How to choose a hair dye?

modern paint manufacturers offer us a wide range of products.It is available in various shades, even golden color can have many variations: golden walnut, golden marzipan shades of golden vanilla and so on.How to choose - it's up to you.Making gold color hair can be and with the help of folk remedies such as chamomile broth is a mixture of henna and chamomile tincture of onion peel.It is enough to rinse hair after washing it tinctures and decoctions.The combination of gold-colored hair strengthening them - this is an effect that gives traditional remedies.For the preparation of the raw materials you need to take a glass of camomile, pour cup boiling water, bring to a boil and let stand about 30 minutes.The mask is recommended to keep about an hour on a special insulated hood hair.Instead, you can use chamomile St. John's wort, calendula, and saxifrage.

However, keep in mind that camomile tea gives a slightly noticeable color, while the above herbs are able to dye hair in a golden or brown color.Natural henna is sold in a pharmacy in a dry form, it should be diluted with warm water and apply on the hair - for a light shade to keep the mixture does not need a long time, otherwise it may turn bright red tone.The infusion of onion peel prepare very simple.The washed husk fill with boiling water, then allow it to infuse for about an hour.