"Escada" - spirits, to conquer the world

world-famous German brand "Escada" appeared in 1976 thanks to the efforts of Margarita spouses and Wolfgang Ley.Initially, the company engaged in production of sportswear.Very quickly, the company has become quite successful.Many attribute this to the clear division of responsibilities between Margaret and Wolfgang.It is engaged in the development of collections and design, and he - the production and marketing issues.Brand new collection class "luxury" began to appear on the catwalks of the world twice a year.The basis of them were refined and sophisticated outfits for solid and accomplished women.

first for the company "Escada" spirits "Original" appeared in nineteen ninety-year, as a supplement to the collection of fashionable clothes.The author of the composition became Margaret Leigh.Exactly three years later came the first men's fragrance company.

most famous fragrance "Escada" - spirits "Acte 2" collection in 1995.Sleek and elegant scent was created for self-sufficient and stylish woman who

always knows what she wants, and achieve your goals.Composition "Acte 2" opens with fresh notes of juicy orange, tangerine, peach and green aromas.Heart notes are confirmed by floral notes of iris, jasmine, rose and freesia.Ends fragrance plume of warm woody notes of vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood.The fragrance is designed for everyday use - it will warm in the cool, damp weather.

In 1999, the famous perfumer Dominique Rolion created a new fragrance for the fashion house "Escada".Spirits "Casual Friday" - is the composition of power and mature men.They emphasize the individuality of its owners, give a sense of relaxation and comfort.The composition opens interlacing floral-woody notes of coriander, lavender, tonka bean, amber, oak moss and fruit flavors.It is ideal for use in the cold season.

Eau de toilette «Escada» "Desire Me" - is a fascinating fragrance inspired by unbridled desire that causes a woman in a man his alluring gaze.Beautiful stranger confident.She realizes that she is mysterious, and many would like to solve it.Her natural charm and chic evening make of her stylish temptress.When she walks through the city, the views of all the men chained only to her.

Fans of "Escada" spirits trends are expected each year.Trend in 2013 was the original flavor "Cherry in the Air".This embodiment of the air and light cherries.He rediscovers the unique smell of the fruit, emphasizing the desire for a carefree and joyful life."Cherry" by Escada - spirits that embody a delightful combination of red and juicy berries and marshmallow - a dizzying combination for true gourmets.The fragrance opens alluring notes of dark cherries, juicy and bright raspberry, cherry-filled summer ripeness them explode notes of citrus freshness.At the heart of the fragrance - a gentle ease gardenia flowers, rich exquisite softness of white orchids.Intertwined with the aroma of marshmallows, this amazing chord flavoring playfulness and charm.

Escada - Fragrances recognized by the most demanding ladies all over the world.The company continues to evolve, and its fans are still waiting for new products.