Gold threads in cosmetology - a pledge of eternal youth

According to the statement of the famous song, "Best Friends girls - are diamonds", the gold may well be attributed to their good friend.And not only in the form of jewelry and ornaments, but also as a means of rejuvenation.Once this procedure has been available only famous Hollywood stars.Now it is available to anyone with sufficient substantial sum of money.

Gold threads in cosmetology can significantly reduce mimic and age-related changes, return the lost skin elasticity and freshness, successfully treat rosacea, cellulite, help to get rid of stretch marks and skin cells are saturated with oxygen.Unfortunately, this procedure has some age limit - it is held until the patient age of 45 years.It is believed that at this age can achieve the maximum effect.

How is the procedure and what is its essence?Golden yarn is used in cosmetics is not thicker than 0.1 mm of the metal in 24-carat.Under the skin, the thread is not there and did not interfere with facial expressions.Sometimes this procedure is pr

escribed after plastic surgery to fix the result.Gold is remarkable in that it is hypoallergenic, and does not cause any chemical body reactions.

Many ask the question: "How come the threads under the skin?" The operation is performed on an outpatient basis.Just before it is applied to the skin using a special layout of the marker.

Gold threads in cosmetics are introduced under local anesthesia.Doctor using gold puncture needle makes the skin and enters the yarn about 3 mm between the fiber and connective tissue.The filaments form a kind of grid.The ends of the strands are cut off and hidden under the skin.The plots treated with gold thread, begins production of connective tissue, which leads to a strong inflow of blood, improve its circulation.Cells are obtained further portion of oxygen and nutrients.After completion of the treated area to the face or body is applied a cooling compress.The procedure is harmless, has no contraindications.However, the swelling may persist for up to fifteen days.

What happens to the skin, "stitched" golden threads?They gradually acquire a completely new cells, thanks to the gold ions from the body are derived free radicals, begins intensive production of collagen and elastin, which provide firmness and elasticity to it.Hyaluronic acid produced by the body nourishes the skin with moisture.As a result, the skin is transformed: she again becomes smooth and elastic, supple and soft.Wrinkles are smoothed, becoming invisible capillaries.

Gold threads in cosmetics - is a framework that supports the tissue and allows for some time to stop the aging process.The effect of the procedure is maintained for eight years.

In cosmetology widely used bioresorbable thread "Aptos".Comments about this method, known plastic surgeon Marlene Sulamanidze and his son George (the creators of the method) is obtained from grateful patients from around the world.The method is good availability of different shape and purpose threads: for correction of facial cores for breast lift and buttocks, to remove wrinkles, to raise the corners of the mouth.

used in cosmetology and thread "Aptos" and gold thread.Reviews of them get the most enthusiastic, allowing cosmetologist continue to improve their application.