Deodorant "Crystal", reviews of physicians and properties

Species deodorants there are so many, and sometimes very difficult to choose and buy exactly what would be good to deal with the problem, and please arrange for all parameters.However, there is one pretty good tool, superior to many others - deodorant "Crystal".Doctors about it very positive.

First of all, we must remember that the process of sweating is a normal and natural physiological process, which is vital in order that the body can maintain the optimum temperature for yourself and get rid of toxins.That is why any attempt to block or suspend this process, in particular, the constant use of different antiperspirants early yl late can cause quite undesirable consequences.Deodorant "Crystal" helps to avoid them.

should be noted that initially, only standing out, sweat does not smell.The unpleasant smell arises from the growth of bacteria that live on the skin as a result of their life.This, of course, underarm and foot area - because of the fact that there is higher body temperatures and less

ventilation due to wear clothes and shoes.Of course, the use of funds for washing, personal hygiene a must, as well as preference for natural materials, breathable fabrics and attention to your own body.However, the use of anti-sweat, alas, it is necessary in any case.

Deodorant "Crystal", reviews of which have slightly different graduation, introduced to the market, along with many other deodorants and antiperspirants.You can choose as a cream, spray or aerosol, and choose the most optimal smell and the task (in perspiration or odor).Without exception, deodorants thus affect only the effects of sweating, that is clean unpleasant odor without affecting the cause.This is done using bactericidal and disinfectant components.The effect is quite good, but the side effects can be skin irritation, allergy to perfumes and stains on clothes.Deodorant "Crystal", reviews of physicians which is very eloquent, all this does not matter.

But antiperspirants, on the contrary, reduce sweating, but does not act on bacteria: due to organic chlorine compounds are narrow channels, even closing the pores, thus serving the function of the sweat glands.That is why every day just to use them is not recommended, especially during intense physical exertion, when the body is sweating heavily.

In this case, help Deodorant "Crystal".Doctors about it encouraging.This salt (alum) of volcanic origin, which is produced in Asia, and which has a pronounced bacteriostatic properties.That is, deodorant suppresses the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the skin to dehydrate them.As a result, odors simply does not appear.When this substance itself does not penetrate into the body and does not have it any adverse effects.

Deodorant "Crystal", reviews of doctors of which the most positive, however, has drawbacks.After all, he only acts on bacteria, not affecting the sweating itself.On the one hand, it is a good idea - as there was no interference in the work of the body.On the other hand, not all shoppers like wet spots on clothing, although no nasty smell.The way out is to use the "Crystal" in moderate weather, and antiperspirants - in the heat.