Cream tanning bronzer with: the need or whim?

appeal to every woman dreams of having a beautiful and glowing tan, and in any season.And if you go to the south coast is not possible, many use the services of tanning.Whatever the talk about the dangers of such tanning, dosed, judicious use of UV radiation gives the skin a delightful shade and creates a good mood.

Beginning this truly "pilgrimage" for bronze tan put fitness centers.Now the miracle technique used everywhere and sports centers and beauty salons.Although expert opinions on the benefits and dangers of tanning apart, the solarium are many.But that's not all know how to sunbathe under the artificial sun and what to do, then to a long and exhausting not to restore the skin.

The main thing you need to know: when you visit be sure to use special solarium cosmetics.At the same time pick up creams and lotions should be correct, choosing those that allow for a short time to get a nice color.But at the same time and avoid burns from the sun.Experts beauticians recommend using, for example,

cream with tanning bronzers.

To achieve rapid and intense tanning, many manufacturers of cosmetics for use tanning creams and lotions for the formic acid, which enhances the blood circulation.But the cream with tanning bronzer contains natural ingredients that enhance the production of melanin.These components - henna, walnut extract, and carotene - give the skin a darker shade and nourish it.

What a good cream for tanning?For example, manufacturers of cosmetic products offer cosmetics "Ibiza Gold", including 4 variants of the cream.

Among the best examples of the special cosmetics for tanning creams should be noted the company "Emerald Bay" (USA).The cream with tanning bronzer line "Emerald Bay" includes extracts of agave, blackberries, sugar cane extract, sandalwood, olive, orange oil.This is a real cocktail of natural beauty, giving the skin a real flavor of freshness.It is ideal for those who have sensitive, delicate skin.

A cream "Que Broncea", designed to accelerate the tanning bronzer contains the tenfold and collagen that hydrates the skin and promotes weight loss.And the cream of this series allow the skin to save the young, as are composed of anti-aging formula.

cream with tanning bronzer "DS Special Reserve" from the cosmetics company "Devoted Creations" (USA) and will provide a deep tan and makes the skin healthy and supple.

recently appeared on the market "Total Fresh Bronzer" - a new, six-bronzatorami tanning cream.Feedback from those who use it, confirm that the new cream contains vitamin complex and significantly tightens the skin, thanks of coenzyme Q10.

Excellent for solarium use cosmetics that contain vitamin D, agave nectar, watermelon extract.It will help keep the tan color for a long time.It should be remembered that the specialized cosmetics for tanning - is still a special cosmetics, and use it elsewhere is undesirable.Yes, and body cream and face cream, too, differ from each other.

selection of cosmetics for solarium presented today in a huge range, so you can easily choose for themselves exactly what you need to our skin.