What is the BB-cream, which is better to use - useful tips for choosing and applying

Every girl wants to be attractive to all she was perfect: the hair, nails and, of course, leather.Unfortunately, owners of perfectly smooth skin in the world just one, for most people it is covered with all sorts of spots, traces of acne, freckles.

with problem skin on the face can be controlled in various ways, the most effective - is to find the cause of a variety of cosmetic defects and correct.But first, it is not always possible, and, secondly, a radical solution to the problem requires time, which does not have all.

One way of cosmetic correction of minor imperfections on the face of a foundation, BB - one of its variations, has a wider range of applications than the usual camouflage.The tool also performs several important functions.Firstly, optically eliminates small flaws and unevenness of skin.Secondly, it protects a person from external influences (mainly sunlight).Thirdly, it nourishes the skin and acts as an anti-aging agent, maintaining youth.In addition, it has a remarkable feature t

o adjust the tone of the skin, so that when it is used there is no "mask effect".

It turns out that instead of the usual tone funds or foundations perfect BB-Cream.What is best to choose a product depends on the type of skin, as well as financial capabilities.Most manufacturers of this tool claims that regular use of it disappear forever minor irregularities, acne, and some other problems.Beauticians partly agree with this opinion, but it is not advised to use it as a panacea, particularly when it comes to the serious shortcomings of the skin.

Some manufacturers offer vehicle in different colors, others have just one universal BB-Cream.Which is better - it's up to the buyer, but practice shows that owners of very light or very dark skin tone is not very uniform approach.

If we consider firms offering the tool in multiple colors, it is mainly the creators of decorative cosmetics.Manufacturers caregivers and creams usually make them in one embodiment.Those who want to pick up your own color, instead of using one for all, it may be advisable, for example, Maybelline BB-cream, produced in five different versions, while the cream is enough affordable.If the right to choose his tone, he is not only perfectly masks redness and dark circles under the eyes, the skin and the lining making it velvety.At the same time the tool itself on the face completely unnoticed.

So for everyday makeup uniquely suited BB-Cream.Which is better, everyone decides on their own, but he definitely has the right to exist, and looks much more natural than the usual tone.As for the image of an evening or a professional make-up, then there is clearly need more drastic measures: the foundation, concealer several shades and a variety of other means.

Those who have long enjoyed by the product, mainly speak positively about him, also said in his defense, because the view of the consumer is sometimes the most revealing.For those who are ranged in thought and did not know what to choose, it is advised to use BB-cream which is best can be understood only by experiment, since everyone has different skin and their requirements for makeup.