Do you know how to visually enlarge the eyes?

human eye attracts.When you walk in a crowd of people, involuntarily pay attention on the eyes.The look can be superficial, thoughtful, gentle, attractive, sexy, sizzling.What wonderful qualities nature has endowed humans!"He who has eyes - but see."

About Women's eyes are often told: enchanting, cathartic, playful, languid.Women of all ages grasp the secrets of how to visually enlarge the eyes, to make the appearance more attractive.

to stock all the necessary cosmetics: shadows, mascara, eyeliner or eye pencil.There are several rules that allow to increase the eye and correct the deficiencies of nature.

deep-set eyes

should first apply light shadows under the eyebrows: the golden tones of pink, corporal.On the lower eyelid - the shade of blue.The line where the lashes grow, circle brown pencil.Finish Makeup volume black ink.

Close-set eyes

All women interested in how to visually enlarge your eyes with makeup.If they are close together, it is necessary to shade them from the center of th

e upper eyelid to the outer corner (do the same from the center of the lower eyelid) pencil outline.Apply the shadow follows the inner edge of the eye from light tones to darker shading in the upper side.It turns out the effect of wide-eyed.Eyebrows should try to "do" gracefully curved, without any extra hairs on the nose.

protruding eyes

Apply them to be the shadow of dark colors: brown, blue, gray tones.In this way, starting from the inner edge of the eye can enhance the eye.Then shade the shade, do not forget that most dark gamma should remain on the movable century, on the area under the eyebrows - more bright colors.

Round eyes

To understand how to visually enlarge the eyes of the round form, should adhere to the following tips.The eyes of this form it is necessary to extend, once again using the dark shadows on the movable century.Black or brown pencil to hold the outer edge of the eye contour line in the upper side of the cilia.By extending the line of eyeliner (line must be clear and bright) on the bottom section eye can visually make eyes more.It remains only to shade the shade.

How to make lip plumper?

And what if the eye itself like and lips could be better?After all, the fashion plump lips a la Angelina Jolie and sexy babes and try to make them more volume through the latest cosmetic technology.Do not immediately go where you can increase the lips, but at home, in a quiet environment, use the following tips:

  • Make contrast procedure Lip: to make a piece of ice to his mouth, hold for 2 minutes, then to wash them with warm water.Increased blood circulation in the lips useful lips will become more expressive, juicy.
  • Soft regular biting lips make them plump and bright.
  • with a toothbrush can have a massage lip, preferably two times: during the morning and evening washing procedures.

Conclusion Now that you are armed with the secrets of how to visually enlarge the eyes and lips, the men are heads turn.Be compelling and awesome!