Peeling facial at home

peeling - a procedure for deep cleansing of the skin, in which the surface of dead skin cells are removed.Peeling facial rejuvenates and improvement sheets.After this procedure, the skin is young and fresh.

There are many varieties of peeling.The most popular treatments are:

  • chemical peels;
  • deep and superficial;
  • almond and fruit.

suitable option for cleaning should be selected based on individual characteristics.For example, for young skin is sufficient to carry out a superficial cosmetic facial peels.But the mature skin needs a more thorough cleaning, and, therefore, deep chemical peels.

To know how to do facial peels at home, you need to understand the tools used for the procedure.Usually, various scrubs, gommazhi and tools for chemical peels.

Cleaning skin

in scrubs contain abrasive particles in which a skin is removed all superfluous: fat, keratinized and so on.But such funds are not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.In this case it is better to use exfoliation.Such means are ap

plied with light massage movements.But this procedure has a number of contraindications, it is not suitable for aging skin, as it may lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

Funds for the chemical treatment of the skin and fruit contain salicylic acid.These substances dissolve the surface layer of dead cells that promotes deep cleansing and smoothing wrinkles.

deep facial peels ratings is the most controversial.This method of treatment not only removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, but also cleans pores and normalizes their activity.This procedure is quite effective as for dry skin and oily.Of course, young girls still better to restrict cosmetic peeling.

masks for deep cleaning of the skin at home

Salicylic: peach pulp is crushed into a puree.Then, from the resulting mass is removed once the juice and add two tablets of salicylic acid.The mixture was thoroughly mixed and applied to the face for ten minutes.Then wash off the mask with light massage movements.

with oat flakes and lemon: oatmeal is necessary to grind the coffee grinder and add to the resulting flour lemon juice to the consistency of porridge.On the face of the gauze is applied in a single layer and it is placed on the slurry.After complete drying of the mask is removed.Then, the face should be rinsed with cold water and make a gentle massage of the skin.

Almond peeling face

Such means for cleansing the skin has excellent nourishing and moisturizing properties.If you have recourse to this procedure for cleaning twice a week, your skin for a long time will remain young, fresh and healthy.

To prepare the almond peeling is necessary to grind the almonds in a blender and mix the resulting mass with oat flakes and milk powder.If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can add a little olive oil mask.

Rules of the cleaning procedure

Face Peeling is best done pre-steam the skin.Under the influence of steam, the pores open up, the dead particles are separated and easier to sand the skin better.

scrub should not be used more than three times a week, especially if you have dry skin.