A series of "Els. Full restoration of split ends": reviews and conclusions

chemical and physical stress can lead to hair become dull, brittle, with split ends.Typically, these problems relate to long curls.Short haircuts - it is always alive, healthy hair.They receive the necessary nutrition from the roots, so look well groomed.Hair longer than 30 centimeters are deprived of everything that makes them dense structure.They do not shine, they stratified the ends.If you wish to have long beautiful hair, you should carefully choose cosmetics to care for them and to reduce the impact on the strands of the chemical and physical means.

series "Els. Full restoration of split ends"

Company "Loreal" is a series of tools for hair care, which aims to address this problem of hair as damage to the structure.The line "Els. Full recovery" consists of the following products: Shampoo, rinse, restoring mask, conditioner for daily exposure in the form of a spray, care-balm instantaneous.Formula care - a pro-keratin and ceramides.The task of these components - to restore and strengthen the s

tructure.Ceramides are the intercellular cement, which simply need to damaged hair.Thanks to them, the hair surface becomes flat and smooth.Pro-Keratin acts within - restores the fiber of the rod.Use of the complex improves the structure of damaged hair.Exclusive care balm is instantaneous in this series ELSEVE (Els).Full restoration of split ends (reviews confirm this), this means assured.Formula balm aimed at the deeper layers of the hair.The main components - the pro-keratin and ceramides - acting on its structure at the cellular level, which provides instant results.Curls literally transformed acquire smoothness and shine after just one treatment.

"Els. Full restoration of split ends": reviews, methods of application and conclusions

Those who appreciated the novelty, happy results, and use of the product, "L'Oreal" for hair restoration.Those funds are not liked, describe their feelings as follows: after applying the shampoo did not feel the purity of the hair, there is no volume after installation, split ends becomes smaller, but they are not fully recovered.A series of "Els. Full restoration of split ends", reviews of which are so different, damaged hair suits are often subjected to bleaching.The structure of such strands nutritional needs.In other cases, the problem of split ends are resolved by regular visits to a specialist beauty and use only some of the components of the line.All media series "Els. Full restoration of split ends", reviews of which are ambiguous, and can be used separately or in combination (complementary).All depends on the needs and condition of the hair.