Spit on the hair of medium length: several options

Spit on medium-length hair is very easy to do, and this contributes to the selection of hairstyles.You can use these weaving, as the French braid, "spike", "polukolosok", Xhosa-harness, and so on. D. All of them are very popular.At the same time to create such beauty hair length needed a little above or below the shoulder level.Consider some simple and beautiful choices based on which you can think of your own way.

Option One

basis hairstyles can be one or more "polukoloskov."Such weave braids hair of medium length as follows.Separated upper strand is divided into three parts which are overlapped as usual braid twice.Then, for each weaving (to each strand) added part of the free locks from the sides.To the neck all the strands should be woven.You can then fix the hair barrette or a rubber band, leaving a tail, but you can dream up and create a hairstyle.This is an example of weaving a "polukoloska."Weave braids on the average length can mean a lot of them - it all depends on the willingness and ca


Option Two

Zapletal braids in the hair of medium length, and can be in the style of "schoolgirl".By the way, this option is very popular for everyday wear.It meant parting in the middle of the head, on each of the separated parts of the weave "polukolosok."Thus at the end of the hair growth can finish weaving, and you can make a "spike."The result secured with rubber bands.

Option Three

braids hair of medium length may be "bundles".Typically, these hairstyles are created
long hair, but you can use this option for our
case.To do this, you must get a chignon-wiring.Hair collected above the neck to the tail.Then a rubber band fixed, through which extends a chignon.After separation, the hair divided into two strands.The first twisted clockwise and simultaneously wrapped around the tail-chignon.The same is done with the remaining hair, but in a different direction.Now harnesses fastened pins.

Option fourth

looks wonderful braid hair of medium length, created on the basis of the French version of weaving.To do this, you need to collect a piece of hair from the side, split into three parts and start weave.Strands that are not yet involved in the creation of hairstyles, it is better to pick a hairpin, so it will be more convenient.Braiding runs along the edge of hair, about the growth zone.Strands of hair available for each overlap captured on both sides (as in "polukoloske"), but the plant is not the top, as usual in the queue, and the bottom.Ready hair fixed or elastic clasp.It is best to look this option, if the ends of the hair are hidden, and the image is complemented by beautiful accessories.

above were given only the basic techniques of weaving medium hair (besides the usual spit it all clear).Based on these, you can create a variety of hairstyles, different images and to be the center of attention at all times.