No time for interior: how to make at home, wavy hair?

What usually associated light wave on the hair?Of course, with a feminine, romantic, tenderness.Girls, of course, is well aware of and skillfully use to seduce the opposite sex.For wavy hair, our imagination immediately dorisovyvaet rest of the image: dress, feminine heels and a shy smile.Therefore, if you want to impress a man vending, think about hair in the first place.Sometimes there is neither the time nor the money to spare to visit the salon, so it will be useful to know how to do at home, wavy hair.They do not necessarily have to be long, though long hair wave will look spectacular.There are some simple rules that you should first get acquainted, if we want to keep our hair healthy and shiny.

Tips for healthy hair

So you are thinking how to make at home, wavy hair.Immediately come to mind curlers.However, this is not the only option is also not the fastest.If we are your choice fell on the rollers, it is important to wind them only slightly wet hair and allow them to dry completely.Such a

process will create a lush, wavy hair.Instead curlers can use technical devices - curling.Make sure to have your curling has a ceramic surface that protects locks from the negative effects.For the most lush styling should use a nozzle in the form of a spiral, twisting her thin strands of hair.And by the way, about the winding.This is best done from the roots to the ends, which is most effective.Also, the hair will help protect our mode of cold air into the hair dryer.This will prevent the curls from drying out, and we will turn out fine, wavy hair.Stacking, as we know, we begin with cleanliness, so the procedures carefully before my hair.

Installation system: from simple to complex

Before you make at home, wavy hair, determine the type of your hair.If they already have a natural wave, it is enough to give them the desired shape by means of laying means (gels, mousses).Also, naturally wavy hair will give a regular braid.Apply to washed hair styling products, and until it has dried, braid "spike."This will allow the braid hair to buy a nice big wave that starts almost from the very roots.You can braid hair dryer to dry, then untwist and shake gently.Do not brush.To create a large wave in the hair for a short time, using heated rollers.Until such curlers are heated, applied to the hair styling products and divide them into strands.Next, wind the hair on curlers warm, secured and allowed to cool.You can wind the hair on the curling pretreated their thermal protector means.

Now we know how to do at home, wavy hair, and can repeat it in the short term.At the end of any procedure not forget to apply the varnish to fix the result.