Ischemic stroke brain: causes, symptoms and possible consequences

One of the most difficult diseases is ischemic stroke brain.It is due to occlusion of the vessel, providing part of the brain power.According to 80% of strokes occur as a result of the defeat of the vertebral or carotid artery.

What is the disease?

Ischemic stroke brain has a second name - cerebral infarction, which is certainly more popular among ordinary people.This disease is caused by a violation of the circulation of the blood as a result of embolism, thrombosis or decrease in cerebral blood flow.Every year from ischemic stroke die quite a lot of people.

What causes a stroke?

blockage responsible for the circulation of the brain - the main cause of the disease.As a result, the brain ceases to be saturated with nutrients and oxygen.According to statistics ischemic stroke - a fairly common phenomenon.

The second kind is a hemorrhagic stroke.It causes a break of one of the vessels of the brain.The disease is fraught with bleeding and hematoma as a consequence.This type of stroke occurs much mo

re difficult and in many cases causing death.

Quite often, ischemic stroke occurs when the brain atrial fibrillation, hypertension and atherosclerosis.In these cases began spasm interferes with blood flow to the brain.

In each disease, there are certain risk factors.So let's look at what can cause a stroke.

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is age.The older the person, the higher the probability of being subjected to this disease.
  2. Heart disease Hypertension
  3. presence of diabetes
  4. Elevated blood cholesterol

Some people have several of these diseases, each of which have a negative effect on the whole body.It should be noted that all these factors are calculated according to a special scale, which allows to estimate several years in advance the possible risk of stroke.

Signs and symptoms

ischemic cerebral stroke caused by fuzzy, growing signs:

  1. Vertigo
  2. weakness
  3. Amnesia
  4. Violation or no sensitivity
  5. Violation of vestibular and motor activity
  6. speech disorders

If a man appeared above symptoms should immediately consult a specialist.Before the arrival of "emergency" put the patient on his side.Take independent action and give drugs is strictly prohibited.

treatment of ischemic stroke

Emerged ischemic cerebral stroke treatment should be carried out strictly in stationary conditions.In severe illness patients had in the intensive care unit.Medical personnel monitor the pressure, breathing support and optimal body temperature.

Through drug treatment restored the blood circulation of the brain and eliminated the development of blood clots formed.But all these actions have a direct beneficial effect only during the latest 3 hours after the attack.Otherwise, all manipulations will not have the desired effect.With special products support the functioning of the brain.

After the treatment prescribed course of speech therapy sessions, a complex of vitamins and medications.The rehabilitation process is physiotherapist and massage to restore lost motor activity.

What to expect after the disease?

Ischemic stroke brain consequences should be prevented in advance, so as not to aggravate the condition of the patient.So, what to pay attention to the doctors?

  1. pneumonia.The disease can be caused by poor ventilation.For it is necessary to prevent the patient every 2 hours gently (without jerking) turn.If the general state of health allows for a few minutes, you can put a man on the bed.Classes breathing exercises will reduce the risk of developing pneumonia.
  2. dehydration.The patient must drink daily at least 2 liters of fluid.
  3. thrombosis.As a result of slow blood circulation may develop blood clots.To prevent this disease doctor prescribes special preparations.Do not be amiss and conduct passive gymnastics.
  4. bedsores.For the prevention of pressure ulcers is recommended several times a day to wipe the sick person with alcohol (cologne, vodka), diluted with water and shampoo.It is recommended several times a day to process the anus and genitals with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.If the sores have appeared necessary to use special ointment - iruksol, solkoserilovuyu and others.

important to remember that the earlier the diagnosis, the sooner people will receive the necessary treatment.In a conversation with the doctor verify the time of occurrence of the attack and the subsequent symptoms.This will have a significant impact on the further hospital treatment.