Medicine today - dry eye syndrome

Many people eventually begin to itch and hurt one's eyes, followed quickly by their fatigue and lacrimation.Such symptoms may indicate the early stages of development, so-called dry eye syndrome.Generally, this term is used when referring to the symptoms of various diseases of the eye, with the overall picture.Most often, patients complain of pain, blurred vision, dry or, conversely, watery eyes, and feeling the presence of a foreign body in the eyes.Typically, these symptoms are not outwardly manifest.

was found that dry eye syndrome has various causes of:

1. Insufficient production of tear fluid lacrimal glands;

2. The influence of external factors on the eye film.

3. The mechanical effects on the eyes.

Dry eye syndrome, the symptoms of its manifestations may be observed in people who use contact lenses, have other eye diseases, taking certain medications, have various chronic diseases and age over forty years.It is also quite dry eye syndrome often occurs in people who spend a lot of time behi

nd a computer monitor or unhealthy lifestyles.In this case, the tear glands are functioning normally, but the tears from the ocular surface quickly evaporate due to injuries, disease of the century, as well as other factors.

Many people are beginning to pay attention to the presence at this syndrome on the basis of the common symptoms.The final and correct diagnosis can only be a specialist who evaluates the degree of redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes, the amount of tear fluid, the degree of damage to the eyes with the help of special equipment.Moreover, the optometrist will give direction to the inspection at the endocrinologist, as in some cases of dry eye syndrome develops as a result of disruption of the internal secretion.

Methods of treatment of such diseases appoint an ophthalmologist.This may include replacement therapy, allergy medications, vitamins, and NSAIDs, in severe cases require surgery, as it may be formed on the surface of the corneal ulcer.The most frequently prescribed drugs, so-called artificial tears that contain in their composition and hyaluronic acid polymers, e.g., Oftagel or natural tear example Lakrisifi thus being a natural moisturizer to the eye.

With this disease, dry eye syndrome, is not recommended for self-medication, as many drugs can cause even more drying of the mucous membrane of the eyes, and cause its deformation.

Ophthalmologists recommend to carry out prevention of the syndrome.So, it is necessary to eliminate dehydration, distracted from the long-term operation of a computer monitor, regularly ventilate the room and being outdoors, spending gymnastic exercises for the eyes and eat right.In short, you must adhere to the correct way of life.

should be borne in mind that the dry eye syndrome can be the cause of serious diseases, so it is necessary to begin treatment promptly.In cases when a person has a job associated with the constant strain on the eyes, you need to regularly perform special exercises, as well as other measures aimed at preventing the disease.

Therefore, ophthalmologists recommend a timely manner to carry out a survey not only of sight and eyes, but also a variety of activities for the prevention of eye diseases, especially in people over the age of fifty years.